Dawg Post Trend Meter: Tuesday Update

ATHENS - Here's the spot to check to see how each Georgia prospect is trending in his recruitment. Check back regularly as the Trend Meter will continually change as the trends change…

Here's the way each Georgia prospect is trending in his recruitment. Check back regularly as the Trend Meter will continually change as the trends change…

Following recruiting is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, especially in January. For experts, handicapping recruitments is a pretty dubious endeavor. Recruiting is incredibly volatile, obviously, since it’s based on the whims of teenagers that have an enormous amount of pressure on them from many different adults.

Predicting where a recruit is going to go is far too unpredictable. Fans, though, always want to know the latest buzz on each recruit so we thought the best thing to do is put together essentially a latest trend meter, kind of a stock report on whether Georgia’s chances with a recruit are going up, down or sideways.

We’ve taken into consideration what out sources say, what Scout experts around the country say and this is the latest trend for each prospect still remaining on Georgia’s 2015 board. The beauty of this is that as the trend changes we can change that little arrow as we approach National Signing Day February 4th. Keep checking back here as we’ll constantly be updating the trend meter.

Note: The Trend Meter is only for prospects (committed or not) we feel like fans should know are in a real-deal recruiting fight at this time. If a player is no on this list we do not feel like they fit the description of a “recruiting battle” in the truest sense of the word.

Dawg Post Trend Meter

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 27th.

01/27 Update: Still trending Georgia's way, it seems, after weeks of uncertainty.

01/23 Update: Trending up from down - Tennessee losing its offensive coordinator is good for Georgia. The Bulldogs have been doing better than most think on the Pat Allen front. It would not be a stretch to think that he will sign with Georgia on Signing Day.

01/15 Update: This is one to watch to be sure. Allen had been committed to Georgia since August, and it was a big commitment at the time. Hard to say Georgia is trending up considering Allen just de-committed. But this thing could change back to Georgia's favor real quick if new OL coach Rob Sale smooths things over.

- 01/27 - Left Auburn visit early this past weekend. Seems headed to Tennessee.

01/23 Update: Trending up - The Vols have lost their offensive coordinator, and Georgia has been looking for a top-level WR for some time here. Expect the Dawgs to continue to press this opening.

- 01/27 Update: Trending up from downWilson was going to go to Florida this weekend, but it appears that visit has been canceled, according to Chad Simmons.

01/23 Update: Wilson had a good in-home visit from Jeremy Pruitt and Mike Ekeler. Florida and West Virginia are still a concern here.

- 01/27 Update - Madden committed to Georgia on Sunday.

01/23 Update - Trending up - This might be a long shot, but Madden is taking an official to Georgia this weekend.

- 01/27 Update - Smith seems down to UCLA and Georgia. He will visit the Bruins this weekend in Los Angeles.

01/19 Update: Trending down to sideways from up - UCLA continues to linger around as what seems like a legitimate threat to Georgia. The Bruins had an in-home visit with Smith today, and he will visit Los Angeles the last weekend of the recruiting calendar. Smith visited Michigan this weekend, but it seems the Wolverines are too late to the party.

01/15 Update: Georgia continues to be the team to beat. Smith does like UCLA quite a bit, but its hard to think that he would travel across the country to play football. Watch Michigan here, too, but this one is the Dawgs' to lose, and they shouldn't.

- 01/27 Update: This might be the most interesting prospect to watch in the final days of recruiting. Williamson may or may not visit both Florida and Georgia this weekend. The Bulldogs seem very, very intent on getting him on campus this weekend - he's never been to Athens before.

01/23 Update: Trending down to down from sideways Georgia is trying to figure out how to get Williamson on campus, but it has not worked just yet. Both coordinators went to see him on Thursday. If Williamson doesn't get on campus it is difficult to imagine him signing with Georgia.

01/19 Update: Trending down to sideways from up - Georgia is going to have to figure out when they can get Williamson on campus. He was at North Carolina this weekend and is considering taking an official visit to Florida after his visit to Michigan.

01/15 Update: Jeremy Pruitt's visit to Gainesville on Thursday morning seems to have helped Georgia. The Dawgs are very, very serious about signing the three-star prospect, and now it looks like they've given themselves a shot.

-01/17 Update: Moved from "On the Radar" to Trending up... Bryant has scheduled an official visit for Georgia for Jan. 30th, which is shaping up to be a rather big weekend for Georgia.

- 01/27 Update: Buchanan seems torn seems torn about what he's going to do. But Chad Simmons says the Bulldogs are trending here.

01/17 Update: Trending up... Buchanan has scheduled an official visit for Georgia for Jan. 23rd.

01/15 Update: Dawgs offered late Wednesday night, Buchanan said on Twitter. Right not it is hard to know much at this time what the Cal commit is thinking. His film is good, but is the late offer from Georgia good enough for him, or will he stick with the Bears?

- 01/15 Update: It is going to take a lot for Georgia to get back into this one. Langston Hughes LB D'Andre Walker's commitment at the US Army All-American Bowl seems to have cooled Key's recruiting with the Bulldogs. In addition, The State's Josh Kendall reported on Wednesday that "Key said he will not visit or sign with Georgia." Ball game.

- 01/20 Update: Jefferson de-commits from Georgia. The 4-star WR seems ready to commit to Oklahoma any moment.

01/15 Update: Jefferson said on Thursday that he expects to see Brian Schottenheimer on Friday. "He seems cool. We have talked a couple of times on the phone and I know he is smart," Jefferson said of Schottenheimer. Jefferson says that he's still committed to Georgia. But its hard to say the Dawgs are in as good a shape as they once were. This one is coming down to the wire.

- 01/23 Update - Trending down from sideways - This one doesn’t seem like one Georgia is going to be able to pull off.

01/15 Update: Hard to really know where Georgia is with this one. Dawgs are only now just in the game.

- 01/15 Update: Slightly up. Harrell is perhaps more likely to visit than some other late-offer prospects.

- 01/15 Update: Georgia could steal McGraw away from Bama at the end - at least that's the thinking behind the scenes. Watch the official visits to Alabama and Georgia, which goes last, very, very carefully.

- 01/21 Update: Trending down - Jackson commits to LSU.

01/18 Update: Chad Simmons reports that Jackson is seriously torn on what his decision will be this week. In other words Georgia has moved up.

01/17 Update: Jackson is currently on his official visit in Athens. He was spotted during Georgia’s big win over Florida on Saturday.

01/15 Update: Trending up This one will come down to the official visit. Jackson, who was elevated to five-star status this week, is high on in-state LSU as well as the Bulldogs. Frankly, we think this is a tough pull for Georgia to get a kid out of Louisiana. But this is recruiting, so there's really no telling. Right now we've got it even, but LSU (in the end) should win. Jackson will visit Georgia this weekend and LSU next weekend.

On the Radar:

Ed White (FL) DB Javarious Davis, Faith Academy OL Chidi Okeke-Valentine, Notre Dame (TN) DB Kareem Moore, Mt. Paran DB Dorian Walker, Edgewood Academy (AL) TE Prince Tega Wanogho.

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