Pruitt Audibles; Visits Williamson

GAINESVILLE - The dead period of recruiting may be over, but things are starting to heat up for Chris Williamson.

Chris Williamson, a 6-1, 190-pound prospect out of Gainesville, is watching his recruiting star rise as the final three weeks of recruiting wind down. Georgia recently offered the three-star prospect, and Jeremy Pruitt went by Gainesville High School to see him this morning.

But Williamson was not in school, so Pruitt went by his house to see him. Pruitt’s in-game adjustment (so to speak) to Williamson’s absence seems to have given the Bulldogs momentum.

“Honestly I feel much better about them now,” Williamson said of Georgia. “Coach (Pruitt) is a solid guy, I can now say that after finally meeting him."

It remains to be seen where Williamson is going to land, but after today it seems that Georgia’s chances of landing him have gown. Still, the Bulldogs are hardly out of the woods yet. With three weeks to go in the recruiting game, Williamson is set to take a visit this weekend to North Carolina.

Williamson says that he's still uncertain of if he will use one of his remaining officials to go to Georgia.

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