Three things I learned: UGA v. Florida

Georgia snaps Florida's 24-game SEC win streak, beating the Gators 73-61.

La Cucaracha 2.0

So I’ve heard several times that Fletcher once called Rodney Garner ‘La Cucaracha.’ Well, I’m going to say that Kenny Gaines might be the UGA basketball version of that.

Which is probably good for the Bulldogs.

Gaines was out preseason with illness, preventing him from starting against Georgia Tech. Then, Gaines bounced back into the season after a shoulder injury in early December, missing only one start. Saturday, after reportedly feeling light-headed, Gaines left the game during a time out in the second half only to return a few minutes later looking fresh as ever.

In conference play, Gaines leads the team in points per game and free throw percentage, so here’s hoping he can keep hurdling over all these health issues like Aries Merritt.

S-E-C, S-E-C, S-E-C

Fox really likes to call games “high-level.”

No, really. That’s like his go-to for SEC games.

But maybe there’s some validity to that. All of Georgia’s conference games have been pretty intense, thus far —no matter the outcome. Saturday’s win over Florida, which snapped a 24-game SEC streak for the Gators, was the largest margin in an SEC game yet for the Bulldogs. And Florida did not lead Georgia once during the game.

Even with two SEC losses, keeping the scores close in a conference of “high-level” competition will helpful the Bulldogs when it comes to rankings and possibly making it to the tournament.

As of right now, it wouldn’t be smart to hold Georgia’s record against them. They are much better than 11-5 sounds.

Time to go streaking

Alright everyone get your minds out of the gutter.

Georgia’s now picked up two SEC wins in a row. Good ones, too. While at the end of the day, the Bulldogs need the wins, the improvement seen from the LSU loss to Saturday’s win gives a positive nod to the Bulldogs.

Florida head coach Bill Donovan, who admitted to being surprised at how close the score was due to the Gators’ poor performance, admitted that Georgia “outplayed [them] in every facet.”

With Ole Miss and Mississippi State, who have one win and winless in the SEC, next on the schedule, now is the time for the Bulldogs to start their ever-typical end-of-season win streak.

“We have great confidence right now. We had confidence last week, even when we had a bad week. It was just good to see some fruit from our labor,” senior Marcus Thornton said. “I think we have a great mindset about pushing forward and improving.”

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