Three things I learned: UGA v. Ole Miss

Georgia hoops picks up another close win, topping the Rebels 69-64

5’10” in his shoes, 7’0” in his mind

J.J. Frazier might be a few inches shy of 6-foot in real life, but he plays as if he thinks he is the tallest guy on the court.

Tying the team-high in rebounds for the night (7), Frazier was pulling down boards and guarding guys who easily had size on him left and right.

“I’m the point guard first. Whether I’m starting or coming off the bench, I still have to set the tempo for my guys to get good shots,” Frazier said.

If you’ve watched any basketball this season, you know that Frazier is one of the team’s best shooters with solid court management. As he’s worked his way into the starting lineup—through a series of team injuries and his effort—Frazier has proved that, while everyone watching is aware of it, he may not know that he’s undersized.

Though he did have three turnovers on the night, it’d be hard to argue that he had a poor performance.

Two halves makes a whole

The win is great and all but the Bulldogs’ first half against Ole Miss was nothing to get excited about. Mark Fox even admitted that the Rebels “forced [them] to play poorly.”

If you looked up at the clock eight minutes into the game and saw that neither team had hit double digits, genuine had probably concern had set in. The entire first half saw zero 3-pointers and only 60 percent of shots made from the line. Not to mention that Marcus Thornton was the only starter to score from the field in the first half.

“We’re mentally tough to get through it. We didn’t have any energy from the start of the game. We were sluggish and we play lackadaisical on both ends of the floor and it showed,” Frazier said.

Luckily for the Bulldogs, with the reemergence of Charles Mann from the bench, Georgia came out of halftime fully charged, grabbing the lead five minutes into the second half.

With some of their toughest conference games ahead, Georgia ought to find a way to put together a full 40 minutes rather than scrambling to find the W in the second half.

Close counts in horseshoes & SEC basketball

Fox really likes these nailbiters, ammiright?

Yet again, the Bulldogs end a game with a narrow margin. It probably shouldn’t have been as close of a game, but Georgia dug itself a decent hole in the first half.

Even if Georgia had come out looking like the team that ended the game, I’m not convinced it would’ve been a blowout. For some reason, this season seems to be the year of games decided by eight points or less.

But a win is a win. And a win puts the Bulldogs that much closer to the tournament.

Hope y’all got your blood pressure checked. We still have got a lot of basketball.

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