The Mailbag: Round 3

It's 5 o'clock somewhere. So call it quits, kick up your feet and read the third round of the mailbag. Who does Dean resemble? I think I nailed it.

Welcome to the mailbag, Caitlyn --- I have not noticed the appearance of ADGM at any of our basketball games this season --- In years past, I usually saw him sitting near the team's bench --- Is he sitting in a new area, or is he not at the games --- Have to admit my view is limited to the TV cameras.

Thanks for the warm welcome. And you spelled my name right. Rock on.

McGarity has been around. I’ve seen him beboppin around near the tunnels in the corner of Stegeman. But to be honest, I don’t really look for him too much. I’m too busy taking ridiculously out-of-focus pictures for Dean to later yell at me about.

Also --- See that Terry Godwin's position has changed from CB to WR on our commitment list --- What was the cause of this? --- I am probably in the minority in hoping that he plays CB, where I think he has the most value.

Either he expressed that he wanted to play on the offensive side of the ball or Pruitt realized that he’s recruited like 50 backfield guys. At least it feels that way.

With Van Jefferson decommitting, I wouldn’t be so sure about placing Godwin’s value solely in the defensive side. I really like the idea of CBs turned into receivers. Would love to see what Schottenheimer and Ball can do with him.

Now that some time has passed, how awkward of a relationship do you think richt and mcgirty have? I mean richt has to know mcgirty was not 100% behind him going into the bowl game.

Who is this Mcgirty you speak of? We talkin’ NC State OT commit Emmanuel McGirt? I think him and Richt don’t really chat any more. The Great McGinty? C’mon, Richt’s not THAT old.

Oh. McGarity. My bad.

I think it’s hard to know just how ‘awkward’ their relationship is. They’ve definitely had their issues and I’d go out on a limb to say it’s a little tense between the two, but he just bumped Richt’s pay up $800,000 so I’d say they’re working things out.

Should the DP clique be forced to work shirtless... and which one of the group would look the worst sans shirt?

How about this: whoever loses the DP basketball preseason picks has to work a whole day shirtless? Whatcha say to that, Dean?

I don’t want to picture any of you fools shirtless. I’d like to be able to continue working for this fine establishment.

Worst meal ever while traveling on Dawg Post assignment?

Dean’s response to EVERY meal: “That wasn’t good.”

So either I have pretty low expectations at this point, or Prince Legge is the pickiest eater to have graced the Southeastern Conference.

Other than the crappy buffet on the way back from Kentucky, I can’t say I’ve been subjected to any “bad meals.”

Taylor Swift or Ke$ha?

That’s like chosing between Diet Coke and a bacon cheeseburger. One is definitely worse for you but the other is really freaking addicting.

I chose Ke$ha.

What's Fletcher's problem (feel free to expand)?

He’s a redhead. He’s mad I took over the mailbag. He’s got a wonky eye. His best friend, Ethan, has disappeared. His pants were six inches too short at the Belk Bowl. His Twitter bio sucks. Well, actually he’s just bad at Twitter in general.

Other than that, no problem.

Does Dean look like anyone famous?

Yea, the cookie monster.


Fun fact: for 30 minutes the other day, Roquan Smith thought Dean was Michael Carvell.


finally, how does one grunge?

Let me preface this for all of you reading. Dean spent about 10 minutes telling me everything wrong with my outfit on Monday. Then asked me if I had “let myself go.”

So that was fun.

But I just got a new bleach-dyed flannel so I’m ready to grunge like DJ Tanner. Take me back to the 90s. I’d do well there.

Can You give us some insight as to how Godwin and Thompsons visit to Auburn went? I firmly believe both will be in the Red and Black next year but.....

Alright Shawnyoungblood, when anyone in the DP squad is late, Fletcher gets blamed for it. Get your questions in by noon on Tuesday and save the guy some grief.

Auburn is visiting with Godwin today. I’m sure Chad will have something on the message boards so check in for that. With Thompson canceling his Bama visit, I’d say that looks good for the Bulldogs. Chad calls him a strong commit.

I think it’d be surprising if either of them didn’t sign with Georgia on Feb. 4.

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