You've got mail

You will learn a lot about DP in the next 1,500 words. I hope you are all ready for it.

If you won a steak bet with Dean, would you accept a steak from Chili's as your payment?

It depends. If the bet had to do with general life, sure. I probably lucked out.

If it was a sports bet, no way. But make it crispy honey chipotle chicken crispers and you got a deal.

If you were on death row (not to be confused with Death Row), what would be your last meal? Name your appetizer, main, dessert and dranks

Thanks for the morbid clarification, Fletch. I think my answer is going to be wildly disappointing. I’m a cheap date. Also my heart would stop by the end of this meal.

App: halftime hotdog from a UGA football game

Entrée: A cheeseburger—like a home-grilled big ole cheeseburger. Bleu cheese.

Dessert: hot krispy kreme donuts

Dranks: Alternating Blue Moon (double the orange slices) and diet coke

Can we please stop talking about food now? Seriously.

How much film have you seen on former Tucker hoopster Dean Legge? Is Djurisic the poor man's Dean Legge? Or the other way around?

I have no actual proof that Dean played basketball for the Tigers… or the Coker Cobras. I think he may be hiding something from me.

But here’s my big baller, shot caller hierarchy:

  • 1. Dean Legge (he cuts my paychecks)
  • 2. Young Dirk Nowitzki
  • 3. Nemi Djurisic
  • 4. Jusuf Nurkic

*editor’s note: these four draw very few similarities other than they are white, tall and sometimes hard to understand.

One of life's great mysteries is how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. But what if the wood chuck were Chuks Amechi, and if Chuks would chuck wood, "wood" it make a noise if no one "saw" it?

I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wish the wish you wish to wish.

But yea, Chuks and Lorenzo Carter are good friends so I’ll say yes. Lotsa noise.

How about a real question. What is your area of expertise? What kind of question are You gonna be our go to Gal on?

Aw c’mon. The hanging curveballs were fun.

Well, I grew up around baseball. So, if anyone cares, I’ll be glad to talk Diamond Dogs or MLB. In fact, I really like to argue baseball so if you've got something there, hit me. I’ve been around Georgia basketball a lot, so I think I’m pretty good on that front. Any questions about the inner workings of recruiting, I’ll do my best with. If I don’t know the answer, I’m sure I either worked with or am friend with someone who does.

Oh. And I’m great with movie quotes.

How about a round ball question? In UGA BB history, we have won 1347 games. Coach K at Duke has won 1000 college games since 1975. 73 of those were in his first 5 years of coaching at Army. The rest were at Duke, where he was hung in effigy and burned after his third year there. I lived in NC at the time and remember the UNC fans laughing about it. More tears than laughs these days. The Duke administration decided to give Coach K another year and the talent started flowing in. At the current pace Coach K is on, how long will it take Coach K to surpass UGA's entire program win total?

I tried coming up with a nice algorithm to get an exact date as to when that should happen. First time I tried, I came up with Feb. 9, 1745. So I tried again. And the second time, I got next year. Clearly I’m no good with the numbers.

Coach K is the but honestly I’m not sure he’ll surpass those Bulldogs. K will keep inching closer during Georgia's rough patches, but the Bulldogs won’t be bad enough any time soon where he gains that much ground. In fact, I could see them doing really well in the next two years.

Do you think the new S & C coach is paying dividends already on the recruiting front? Heard anything on his pre-spring workout regimen?

I’ve heard he’s really energetic and whipping them into shape. I think the guys really like him. He’s probably really jazzed to be in the position and is proving why he was chosen despite only being an assistant over at Bama.

How do you foresee the starting OL to workout next season?

I’m a little weary about center. I think we all are. Georgia was crazy spoiled with a really, really great O line this past season, which no one really realized until mid-season. And even then, they are always the guys to be underappreciated.

Keep your eye on Greg Pyke. He rose up the ranks quickly this year and I really feel like he’s an anchor on that line.

But with a new coach and coordinator coming in, there will definitely be all kinds of unknowns. And I lost my crystal ball about a week ago so I’ll be waiting along with the rest of y’all.

What do you make of Auburn claiming some other teams's national titles (including Bammer's)? (For some reason the link will not show in the post of the Auburn twitter feed showing their new coach they poached from Tuscaloosa and they carefully removed his former team logo from his shirt.)

The 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not steal thy rival’s National Championship.

What did you do with Ethan, Steal his thumbdrive or give him magitized key chain to carry it on?

Who is Ethan?

Describe a trip to an away game with the Dawgpost crew (1500 words or less)

Like a fingerprint, they are all very unique. But here’s the jist.

We load up the car. Wes and Fletcher up front. (S/o to Wes for driving us all over the place... love ya, mean it.) Dean and me in the middle. Ethan in the back with the camera bags and luggage.

We stop every 15 minutes for Dean to use the bathroom and Fletcher to get more chicharonnes. Wes and Ethan shotgun Monster energy drinks.

By the time we get to our destination, it’s been approximately 200 hours since Fletcher has showered, so we wait for him to do that, putting us at a dinner restaurant around 11 p.m.

We have a dinner that’s “not that good,” according to Dean, though I have no issue with it. We proceed to go live it up like the DP crew we are. (See here is where you picture four guys and one female gallivanting through the various SEC cities and realize why I go by Ace.)

The day of the game sucks. We all have to work. Someone forgets a monopod. Wes forgets to tag pictures. Fletcher never knows what he’s going to write. Ethan and I run the show. My mood is completely dependent on the flow of diet coke, WiFi connection and music played during the games. Kentucky was the MVP this season.

The ride home. Woof. It’s more exhausting than reading this mailbag response.

Would you bail Fletcher out of Jail if he got in trouble? and why?

No. I’d leave him there, take his job and rule the Athens newspaper world. Mwahaha

In your time with the UGA Staff, what was the most frequently asked question by recruits?

I’m not sure if I can pinpoint one specific question…

They’d ask a lot about team activities outside of practice, if I have ever met Todd Gurley and usually about my experiences at UGA. More often than not, the questions were about life outside of football. Most of the football talk went on in coaches meetings, which I either wasn’t invited to or chose to leave private. And parents were definitely the more inquisitive ones. I was fortunate to work with a lot of recruits who did their homework so they either already knew about Georgia football or would ask Richt/their position coach.

For the most part, coaches and recruiters know what is going to be asked when it comes to football questions, so it’s rare for them to leave things unanswered.

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