Class of 2015 Superlatives

ATHENS - Dawg Post takes a look at the class of 2015 in terms of superlatives.


Juwuan Briscoe - Has been consistently timed in the 4.3s when running the 40.

Most room to grow

Sage Hardin - Tough, athletic, and smart. A lot to like, but he is raw, light, and still has a lot of developing to do. Could be very good in Athens in a few years.

Quickest impact

Terry Godwin - Will quickly be a go-to guy at wide receiver. He will make plays very early in his career.

Best football player

Jackson Harris - Knows the game, plays the game the right way, and is very advanced coming out of high school. An old-school tight end who can do all the things it takes to stay on the field.

Best prospect

Trenton Thompson - Good now, but could be great in the near future. So many things to like right now, but still so much he can improve on to take his game to the next level.

Biggest recruiting fight

Roquan Smith - Need more be said?

Best Recruiter

Chauncey Rivers - As soon as he flipped from South Carolina, he went to work. This young man loves Georgia and he helped the Dawgs land some in this class.


Kirby Choates - Go watch his tape. This young man can play football. He is an athlete that loves contact.

Biggest Surprise

Sam Madden - Rob Sale came in, quickly identified new OL targets, and Madden was one of those. The Dawgs offered, got him in campus that same week, and Madden committed.

Most Explosive

D'Andre Walker - Super first step and that alone may get him on the field game one in 2015. He is so quick off the ball.

Most Confident

Johnathan Abram - Plenty can fit in here, but if you meet Abram, you will know immediately why he is here. This kid believes he can fly like superman and it's not a bad thing.

Best Athlete

Terry Godwin - Can anyone else star at every sport the way Godwin does? He reminds me of Jeff Francouer -- anything he does athletically, he does it at a high level.

Mr. Quiet

Michael Chigbu - Very reserved young man. Likes to stay to himself and let his actions speak for him. Really processes things and thinks before he speaks.

Biggest Hitter

Natrez Patrick - Some pop here. Ways in attack mode and loves to tackle through the opponent. Comes with speed and force.

Natural Leader

Jonathan Ledbetter - This kid gets it on and off the field. When he speaks, others listen. His vocabulary is so advanced and others do and will follow his lead.

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