Can't Truss It

This is a bad loss, and the way Georgia shot the ball it is no surprise that it happened.

I think Flavor Flav sums up just exactly where I'm at with Georgia's basketball team right now: I can't trust it.

After solid wins over Tennessee and Texas A&M, Georgia looked like it had turned the corner once and for all on its season. But after today Georgia has managed to lose to two of the worst four teams in the SEC. Auburn is horrible - today’s result doesn’t change that.

This was, arguably, the worst lost of this season because Auburn (12-13, 4-8 SEC) was coming to Athens after losing six of their previous seven games. And this was a home loss. Auburn had won once on the road this season (at LSU).

Part of this is the nature of playing in conference in college basketball - no one cares what should have been. Georgia, after all, was an 11-point favorite in Athens; this game should not have been close on paper. But it was, and the Tigers won 69-68.

The loss is a head scratcher. It probably keeps Georgia from moving up past a seven seed in the NCAA Tournament. That goal, after this past week, seemed possible. But Georgia now has three bad losses, and that’s where that type of team resides - anywhere from the seven line to the ten line.

Yes, it was one of those losses. The Bulldogs will make the NCAAs - that we know - but they had better get ready to play one of the top eight teams in the country in their second game in the NCAAs, because that’s what it is looking like right now. Then again, Georgia has to win to get in that position.

I can assure you that I won’t assume any more wins for Georgia this season - not after losing to South Carolina and Auburn… the dregs of the SEC.

Too often today Georgia settled for jumpers rather than taking the ball inside and forcing the issue. Georgia hit only four three-pointers the entire day. It is not good enough shooting to realistically expect to win a basketball game.

Aside from poor shooting from three-point land, where Georgia managed to only make 21% of its shots, Auburn just plain outplayed Georgia today. The Tigers shot better - including a critical three pointer that gave Auburn the lead for good late in the game. It happened because Georgia had no one in the area of K.T. Harrell when he landed three of his game-high 21 points.

Georgia out-rebounded Auburn (39-33) and kept turnovers within reason (ten), but the Bulldogs were lethargic for pretty much the entire day except for a stretch when it seemed like they were putting the Tigers away.

Didn’t happen.

The day started with Georgia being in position to be in second place in the conference. That died after Auburn got its act together after nearly handing Georgia a gift with less than two second left in the game. Now Georgia has to make sure it doesn’t fall too far. Georgia could fall into 6th place - and that’s a pretty good fall from 2nd.

South Carolina, a team as bad as Auburn, comes to Athens on Tuesday. That game is now a must win. Because, lets get real here, after a performance like Saturday’s, can anyone really trust what Georgia will do from here on out?

I don’t - not after what the Dawgs did today - Can't Truss It.

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