Three things I learned: UGA v. Auburn

Mann and Gaines score high, but Georgia basketball falls to Auburn 69-68

Throwback Saturday

If DawgPost had an Instagram, I’d be throwing up a picture from last season when juniors Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines ran the show. Because on Saturday, they were back in action—just like old times.

The duo had the team-high points with 14 (Mann) and 18 (Gaines) and each threw up a block. Gaines made half of the team’s 3-pointers, given the Bulldogs only had four total.

Mann did, however, turn the ball over three times. His partner in crime was the only starter to not have a single turnover.

In a season where Marcus Thornton has been leading the scoring charge, it feels weird to see him have numbers mirroring Cameron Forte.

What does the Fox say

“We’ve got to earn victory. It’s not going to be easy,” Mark Fox said. “Too many people telling us how good we are. We haven’t accomplished anything.”

Well, when a team plays Kentucky as close as they did with Thornton and then pick up two more wins after that, it’s hard to not have people get their hopes up.

Fox can play the humble card. He can say that the team has yet to do what they have set out to do. No one will disagree with that at this point. But as the end of the season inches closer, it’s about time they figure out how to get closer to their goal.

“We don’t have to be perfect to accomplish what we want to,” Fox said.

The Bulldogs are far from perfect. But it would be wise to not stray too par from that side of the spectrum this close to tournament time.

Crowd Control

I don’t know if this is necessarily something I learned but this was by far the most energetic game I have been to this season. Fathead cutouts of all the players (and Sweater Man, of course) were all over the student section and the top half of Stegeman was nearly full.

Often times, basketball gets seen as a secondary sport by the Georgia fan base. And to no fault of its own—football is hard to compete with. But there was no blaming lack of fan involvement for the loss today.

On top of all that, Mark Richt, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and AD Greg McGarity were all in attendance.

(Note: Mark Fox was a classy dude today. I just want to give major props to the guy. When the student section got a little rowdy and was chanting negative comments towards Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl, Fox intervened and told them to cut it out. You can have whatever emotions you wish towards Pearl, but I thought that was a real gentleman’s move, Fox.)

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