A day late and a dollar short

Okay so I'm a few days late. #RoquanWatch had me a little tied up this week. But here's this week's mailbag. Happy Valentine's Day, from Ace (or Kathy, or Caitlyn).

Where did you go wrong in the recruitment of Roquan? I kind of felt you gave a lack luster effort. Also, are you Stroh of Stroh's beer? If so, all is forgiven.

I can do no wrong, wouldn’t you say? ;)

I have top-notch recruiting skills —you can thank sorority life for that—but when it comes to football prospects, I leave that to BMac and the pros these days.

And no, unfortunately I’m not of the Stroh’s beer empire. My family has plenty of the paraphernalia to fake it though.

Who is your pick or picks for sleepers of this class?

I’m going to go with one of the DBs. Not sure who, but I know that Pruitt has some crazy magic that no one really understands. Not to mention that’s probably a safe bet with half the recruiting class being backs. Kidding. Kind of.

Maybe Jarvis Wilson at safety?

On the other hand, I’d really love to see Brice Ramsey connecting with Jackson Harris a good bit. But that’s a personal preference… I’m all about the long ball.

Who will play center next season?

I’d guess Hunter Long. He’s been the backup behind David Andrews for a while now and I don’t see someone usurping that. BUT, that was when Friend was still coaching. Sale may shake things up a little.

What will the game of baseball do to prevent people from falling asleep?

Well, the Tampa Bay Rays have added DJ Kitty to their promotions attempts, and let me tell you… that’s about as entertaining as the MLB is going to get.

As for pace of play, I know Rob Manfred has plans in the works for adjusting this. Personally, I believe in the shift. I don’t think that should change and if that means a catcher has to spend a little extra time determining pitches, I’m okay with that.

I think a pitch clock flirts a little too much with modernization, but I’m all for trying new things.

Since baseball is your digs, can you take some time in the spring and give us a good run down on this years team, scheduling news, predictions....anything to help inform us.

Ryan gave a pretty solid rundown on The Porch.


No joke, I’m writing this as I sit in the stands at the newly renovated Foley Field. Not because I’m bored, but because it’s beautiful out and I know I’m already behind on answering all of these.

Mike Bell can really smack the ball. That I can tell you. Pitching worried me a lot last year but apparently Robert Tyler is a stud. Maybe after the FSU series next weekend, I’ll do a three things I’ve learned.

As for predictions, I have really high hopes for Scott Stricklin. I really like him as a coach. But I didn’t see anything last year that had me buying a ticket to Omaha just yet.

My wife and I just celebrated our 30 year anniversary and took a second honeymoon last month. Do you think I can get by with just candy or flowers for Valentine's day and if so which one?

This is where I really messed up answering these late. Also, I’m a pretty atypical girl—I say as I write this on the night of Valentine’s Day—so maybe I should’ve given this one to Fletcher (ha).

Flowers are a personal favorite of mine. But you know what your lady likes. Treat her well.

Will Chubb have as good of a year as he had last year? (Coaching changes, center new player on line, new quarterback) What is the prediction?

If Schottenheimer really is as dedicated to continuing the “Georgia way” as he and Richt preached back in January, I see no reason why Nick Chubb won’t have just as good, if not even better, of a year that he had in 2014. Developing running backs is kind of Georgia’s thing (as we are all well aware) and for that to change would be pretty weird.

My prediction: Chubb goes for 1800-2000 yards. I think he could reach 2000 if he’s used in the same fashion he was this year—pending no injury.

How many games will UGA win?

Oh man. Don’t make me guess this. Please. I don’t want to do this.

People’s answer: ALL OF THEM.

My actual guess: ten?

Do you think Fletch is funny? He may comment also.

Funny looking.

Did Dean actually buy all those Masters Shirts, or does he just sew the logo on every one he owns?

Actually, that’s Ethan’s job. We have found that he was better suited to be the DP seamstress. What you also don’t know is that Dean never rewears a Masters shirt. He throws them away after one wear and ole Ethan has to create an exact replica.

Who is the class clown of this year's signing class? I would also like to hear a self assessment on the effort you made to get roquan to sign Wednesday with some ideas on what you could have done to close the deal.

That’s pretty hard for me to determine. Roquan is a pretty funny dude, but I’ve only spent substantial time with him Sage Hardin and Jackson Harris. Dean did a nice class superlatives list. I’d check that out if you’re looking for a better idea of personalities. I’d (kind of) trust Dean on that.


Does Matthew McConaughhey really drive a Lincoln?

I would really love to find out firsthand. But, seeing as that’s not going to happen anytime soon, I’m going to venture to guess no. With him being all athletic and whatnot, I see him being more of a nice SUV guy. Maybe Range Rover.

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