Film Study: Kyle Davis

Matt DeBary takes a look at Archer WR Kyle Davis on film.

Film Study Kyle Davis: Kyle Davis is an impressive playmaking wide receiver who also lined up at tight end and running back for the Archer Tigers in the 2014 season. I was able to watch Kyle play live twice, first against Sandy Creek in the season opener, and again in December in the Rising Seniors game. Kyle made some big plays in both games, and showed why he is one of the top offensive prospects in the state of Georgia for the 2015 class. Davis is currently committed to play at the University of South Carolina.

Listed at 6’3, and 215 lbs., Kyle Davis was the first player I noticed when I watched him against Sandy Creek. He has the size to be a very productive wide receiver in Colombia, but he also has the frame to play tight end for the Gamecocks as well. There are many qualities of Davis’ game that I like including good hands, playmaking ability, the ability to break tackles after the catch, and his blocking ability downfield. He made some impressive catches down the field throughout the year, but I believe Davis’ game resembles that of a possession receiver, instead of vertical threat. He is not the fastest guy, but he is a long strider, and has shown that he can pick up a bunch of yards after the catch.

Once he has the ball in his hands, Davis does a great job of breaking tackles, as he runs like a running back once he has the ball. He runs hard, lowers his shoulders, and would rather run over guys for a few extra yards instead of trying to make a man miss. When a screen pass is called his way, Kyle has had success making the first man miss, but then is looking to run someone over. Almost every time a defender tries to bring him down, it seems like Davis carries a defender or two a few extra yards before finally being brought down. He had good upper body strength, and showcased strong hands in his film.

A couple of things I would like to see Davis improve upon are his route running and his toughness. When I watched his film, the routes he ran were pretty simple. He either ran a vertical route, a quick slant, or caught a quick screen pass. It will be interesting to see how well he can run college level routes once he gets to South Carolina. He does not have the speed to get behind SEC caliber defenders, so he will have to learn to refine his route running skills to get open. This might be difficult for a guy his size who might not have the quickness of a smaller/shiftier receiver.

I would also like to see Davis play with a little more toughness. I mentioned earlier that Davis liked to run over guys once he has the ball, and he is an excellent run blocker on the perimeter, but he does lack a little toughness for a guy his size. There were a couple of plays against Sandy Creek and in the Rising Seniors game where I felt like Davis should have come down with a tough catch, but the play was broken up by a smaller defender. Also, as good as he is in many aspects of playing wide receiver, he doesn’t provide the “wow factor”, or the explosiveness that is required for the “game-changing” receiver. He has the ability to change a game, but he is not a guy, from what I’ve seen, that can take a game over and put the team on his back.

Overall, Kyle Davis is a guy I really like in the 2015 class. He is big, strong, has good hands, and should be a reliable pass catcher for many years in Colombia. I’m not calling him Alshon Jeffery, but I think he will have a very similar role there, and be put in position to make many plays in his career. I’m expecting another big year for Davis in his senior season at Archer.


Playmaking ability
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