Film Study: Brodarious Hamm

Matt DeBary takes a look at Spalding OL Brodarious Hamm on film.

Brodarious Hamm is a recruit not many people have been talking about much lately, but he is a big offensive tackle who also plays defensive tackle for the Jaguars of Spalding High School. He is a standout on the defensive line, but it looks like he will end up on the offensive line in college.

Listed at 6’5, 315 lbs., Hamm is a big body who excels in run blocking. I’ve never seen him play in person, but from watching the limited film that I saw on him, Hamm was absolutely mauling his defender when run blocking, often throwing his man back 10-15 yards downfield. He recorded tons of pancakes, and used his large body to his advantage.

In pass protection, he seemed to do a good job, but his run blocking is what stood out the most. From the tape that I saw, his defender never got pressure on the quarterback on passing downs. It’s hard for me to expand upon his technique, how well he used his hands, and other qualities you look for in an offensive line prospect, because he just simply threw his man backwards in almost every clip. I do not know if that is because he went against weak competition, or if it was because he is insanely strong, but I think it’s a combination of both.

Again, I still haven’t seen much on him, but I do know he has the size to play in the SEC, he is a dominant run blocker, and he already has multiple offers from big time programs in the South, including the University of Georgia. He could easily end up playing guard at the next level. It will be interesting to see how his recruitment plays out the next 12 months. Hamm is a very intriguing prospect that will continue to get more and more attention.

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