Hit me with your best shot

Every week Caitlyn Stroh (Ace) will be fielding your questions and concerns about the Bulldogs.

We all survived #RoquanWatch2015. Pat yourselves on the back. But now, we must move forward look to the future, which brings us to this week's mailbag. Looks like we've got another new assistant coach, so we could chat about that. Or the Hoop Dawgs—I have lots of thoughts on the men of the Steg. I'll try to not be so delayed on getting back with answers. Like always, you have until Tuesday at noon to post questions on our premium message board - The Porch. Premium members’ questions will always be answered. I’m not opposed to answering questions from the good ole Twitter, so go on and tweet mailbag questions @Dawg_Post. If your question is good enough, it just might get answered.

Fun fact of the day: "Forty"is the only number that when spelled out in English is completely in alphabetical order. (This has not been fact-checked, I read it on the side of an Athens restaurant)

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