One Question - Just One

Georgia’s basketball team doesn’t understand urgency - not at all. How does that happen?

Georgia decided that it was interested in playing basketball tonight, but only after getting down 19 points to the No. 13 team in the conference with 20 minutes left to go. You can’t spot teams a 19- or 21-point lead and expect to win a game.

How does that happen?

This effort, whatever it was, is not good enough - not nearly. People drive to those games; they spend time, money and emotion on it. I’ve heard people for years say: “the fans should support the basketball team more”.

Please, fans should support this? How often has this happened? The simple answer is: the last two times Georgia has played.

After positioning themselves to get to the NCAA Tournament for only the second time in Mark Fox’s tenure in Athens, the Bulldogs very well could be in the midst of committing season suicide by losing back-to-back game to the SEC’s losers - South Carolina and Auburn.

How does that happen?

This isn’t about injures - I’m done hearing about injuries.

This isn’t about the other team - South Carolina sucks; Auburn? They are horrible.

This is about Georgia’s failures tonight and over the season as a whole, which are nearly too many to list, but I will try to give a few:

Failing to foul late in the game until there were 24 seconds left to go rather than 40 seconds tonight.

Failing to beat teams Georgia is clearly better than - four times this season so far; twice at home.

Failing to put LSU away late - even though the Dawgs were up eight points with a minute to play.

Failing to correct the same exact mistake as in the last game by sleepwalking through the start of the game tonight.

Failing to put in 16 shots from inside the paint tonight with at least ten at point-blank range.

Failing to shoot after getting an offensive rebound with seconds left to get back into the game down four.

Maybe this team just isn’t that good. Maybe? Excuse me. This team is just not that good. As I wrote three days ago: “lets get real here, after a performance like Saturday’s, can anyone really trust what Georgia will do from here on out?”


Georgia has already been swept by pitiful South Carolina (4-9); Auburn (4-8) can do the same exact thing in a couple of weeks. Don’t look now, but last place Missouri (1-11) comes to town in ten days. Take cover because even though you can’t lose to teams like this Georgia now has done it four times this season.

What happens if Georgia, which is now obviously fighting for its life on the bubble after being comfortably past that silliness four days ago, doesn’t get into the NCAAs?

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