Film Study: Chandler Tuitt

Matt DeBary takes a look at Sandy Creek OL Chandler Tuitt on film.

He is a large man who has the frame to add even more weight, and showed great strength--which helped the Sandy Creek running attack run all over a very talented Archer Tiger defense.

Sandy Creek has an excellent run game, and it all starts with the RT. Most of the plays Sandy Creek ran were right behind Tuitt, which resulted in Eric Swinney rushing for over 200 yards on the ground. Tuitt is a good run blocker, and explodes off the ball really well. He did a great job of turning his man around, which opened holes for Swinney to run through all night. There were even times where Tuitt blocked two defenders at once, and made it look easy.

Sandy Creek did not pass much throughout the game, mostly because they didn’t need too. From what I saw when he passed blocked, Tuitt handled his guy pretty well. He already looks like a college lineman, and played very physical against Archer. Tuitt came in to play Defensive Tackle when Archer was on the goal line, and with the help of others, made an impressive goal line stop towards the end of the first half.

A 2016 prospect, it would not surprise me to see more and more offers come Chandler Tuitt’s way. Overall, he is a talented prospect with good potential to be a starting Offensive Tackle at the collegiate level.

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