Film Study: Dylan Singleton

Matt DeBary takes a look at Archer DB Dylan Singleton on film.

Archer athlete Dylan Singleton became one of my favorite players after I watched him play against Sandy Creek. Singleton is just one of those guys that were born to play football, and has tremendous instincts wherever he lines up. Against Sandy Creek he lined up at Safety, Linebacker, Wide Receiver, and even Running Back. He is very physical, and plays the game the right way. I believe he played harder than anyone on the field that night.

He might not be as talented as other guys on his Archer team, but he might have made the most impact. He made tackles in the backfield, chased defenders down from behind, made a couple of big hits, and showed off his hands also as he made some nice catches for decent gains on offense. When Archer needed a big play, it was either Singleton or teammate Kyle Davis who stepped up, and most of the time it was Singleton. He never made the fancy play, but he was always in the correct position, and made the play when he needed too.

Singleton had a great night on offense catching passes and running through defenders, but his position in college will most likely be on defense. He looks a little small to play linebacker, but he definitely has the toughness that you look for in a safety. He is quick enough to cover guys downfield, and strong enough to come up in the box and defend against the run if he needs too. Overall, Singleton is a very sound fundamental player, who always seems to come up with a big play. I believe he will make an impact wherever he decides to play, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him starting on a very good SEC defense in a few years.

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