Thomas Brown has always repped the Georgia G

In his first availability with the media, running backs coach Thomas Brown talks all about his return to Athens

Thomas Brown is back in Athens, but his loyalty never really left the Classic City.

“I always kept that G up under whatever logo I had on,” Brown said.

After spending 2011 as a strength and conditioning assistant for the Bulldogs, Brown went on to be a position coach at Marshall, UT Chattanooga and most recently Wisconsin, where he coached 2015 Heisman candidate Melvin Gordon. Now, he has reassumed his spot on the Georgia staff but now as the running backs coach.

Moving around year after year provided a challenge for Brown. But in the end, he claims that having to adapt and adjust throughout his career has molded him to be the coach he is today.

“Every year was a new offense, a new coaching staff, a new group of players that I had to learn and adapt to,” Brown said. “Having those opportunities kind of forced me to grow and mature and help me adapt to different situations.”

His time away from UGA was spent developing and polishing his coaching skills.

“Once I left this place, I wanted to put myself in a position that if a job did become available,” Brown said. “I kind of built my resume and showed what I could do other places outside of here that would make it easier to bring me back.”

The former Georgia running back had been in touch with Mark Richt once there was an opening on the staff and naturally put the idea to serious consideration.

After discussing with Bryan McClendon about “scenarios that would have to happen for me to come back,” Brown was offered his former teammate and now fellow assistant coach’s job—taking the helm of Georgia’s powerful running back unit. Brown accepted the position in the same day.

Though the move seemed natural for the Georgia native, Brown said the decision wasn’t as instant as many would think. Brown said he turned down multiple offers during the offseason before finally taking the spot on the Bulldogs’ staff.

Perhaps it was his ties to Georgia that sold him. Perhaps it was his relationship with Richt and McClendon. Or, perhaps it was the level of talent he would get to coach.

“We’re deep here. We’ve got some talented guys,” Brown said. “Those guys are a whole lot better than I ever was.”

As a player, Brown said he believed in hard work, and he will expect the same from the talent in the current Georgia running back unit.

“I’m a competition guy. I’m not overly concerned with what you did in the past,” Brown said. “It’s a clean slate with me. Everyday is going to be an interview to see what you can do.”

Brown is no stranger to coaching and developing high-level talent. Coaching the nation’s top running back at Wisconsin last season, Brown said he learned the importance of his players learning to stay level-headed with their eyes forward, ignoring outside noise and distractions. And at Georgia, there is plenty of that.

As for developing the current crew, Brown said it’s more than just athleticism and physical ability that gets a player where he wants to go in football.

“I’m all about developing the all-around player,” Brown said. “If you want to have aspirations of going on to the National Football League, it’s got to be more about what you do with the ball in your hands.”

Coming out of Tucker, Georgia, Brown never had any intentions of being a coach at Georgia, or even a coach at all. He thought that coaches were insane to deal with players and put up with the office hours involved with job.

“Lo and behold, I’m that stupid guy trying to be a football coach,” Brown said.

In the world of recruiting, Brown will take on his stomping grounds and be in charge of going after guys in Gwinnett County. Watch for the Tucker boys to keep on coming. As far as in-state recruiting, he will also have Cobb County in his territory.

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