What went right and what went wrong: UGA-Ark. St.

What happened right and wrong Saturday in Sanford Stadium?


Georgia changed the position of their entrance onto the field

For the last few seasons Georgia had been making their entrance to the field through the corner of the closed endzone on the Alumni side. Now it appears that Georgia will be entering the field from the middle of the endzone. This is a better way simply because the old way was stale and boring. Now, the players can rally around the often-criticized marble bulldog, which has been accused of cursing the Dawgs since the moment that it was erected.

David Greene

The freshman was outstanding. Simply put, Greene has poise, accuracy and at one point put together a string of completions that was similar to his predecessor, Quincy Carter's performance against LSU in 1998. If Greene keeps it up, he will be a candidate for All-SEC. The problem for Greene is that the competition gets tougher next week against South Carolina.

With all of the talk of a quarterback controversy, it is strange that Greene played so well and that junior Cory Phillips looked so "blah" in comparison. Phillips has proved in the past that he can produce wins at Georgia. But it now appears, at least in my opinion, that Greene has locked up the starting job for at least the South Carolina game.

The running game

Musa Smith got all of his nearly 160 yards yesterday by simply finding the holes that his offensive line created for him. Because the offensive line has been such a concern coming into the season it is nice to see that, at least against Arkansas State, Georgia seems to have corrected some of its false starts and poor blocking from seasons ago.

Georgia's Video Staff

They are really getting the job done in terms of the video before and after the game. The intro to the game was excellent. If you don't get chills up and down your spine then you are either too drunk to realize that you are at the game or you are sitting under the video screen in the student endzone.



It seemed that every so often Saturday player's shoes would come flying off of their feet. I am not certain if the teams were wearing screw in cleats or just regular cleats, but whatever was being worn was not staying on the player's feet.

The Mic Guy

Each season Georgia's cheerleading crew picks a microphone guy that is supposed to rile up the student section. Unfortunately for the Mic Guy, he is not allowed to cuss or degrade the other team. Instead, he is forced to wave a towel and to cheer along with the cheerleaders.

On Saturday, the Mic Guy, and perhaps the cheerleaders in general, tried something new. They went into a rendition of Sean "Puffy" Combs' "We aint Going Nowhere", adding "cause were Bulldogs for life."

Note to the Mic Man: I don't know if you actually have a night life at Georgia, but Georgia students are more David Allen Coe than Sean "Puffy" Combs. Needless to say, the students booed the cheer into the ground. Hopefully, this "cheer" will be placed in the trashcan, like the 1996 cheerleading experiment with the "Macarena".

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