Three things I learned: UGA v. Ole Miss

Georgia tops Ole Miss 76-72 with big help from Marcus Thornton

First half spark plugs

Going into the locker room, both Nemanja Djurisic and Kenny Gaines has double-digit scoring. In addition, Djurisic came out hot with five rebounds before the half. Subtract one layup from the Rebels, and these two alone tied the entire Ole Miss offense.

The Bulldogs as a whole shot 50 percent from beyond the arc, making eight of 16 shots, whereas the Rebels didn’t hit a single three before the half.

Though far from perfect in the first 20 minutes, the Bulldogs put themselves in a good position from early on.

Though close games are quite nearly a Georgia specialty, it would do the Bulldogs good to start off with games in their favor. And it’s spark like that against Ole Miss that will give the Bulldogs a chance against No. 1 Kentucky on Tuesday, and even more, in the NCAA tournament.

Keep y’all on your toes

Did you really think Georgia would walk away with an easy win this close to tournament time? Joke’s on you.

Even after a strong start, the second half turned the game to Ole Miss’s favor. And the final minutes got physical. And honestly, pretty ugly on Georgia’s part. Fortunately for the Bulldogs, they were able to fend off the Rebels’ late efforts.

Djurisic slid back into a supporting role, while Gaines continued to fire away, scoring 12 before the final buzzer.

And Marcus Thornton was the man. He was the bomb dot com. He was exactly what Georgia needs him to be. With 15 points and seven rebounds in the second half alone, he jumped back into the spotlight, specifically in the final minutes, getting back into his pre-concussion ways.

Starting Five

Looks like there’s a method to the Mark Fox madness.

Though the Rebels’ bench outscored Georgia’s 22-9, there was no need for the Bulldogs to look past the starters for scoring. Four of their five starters notched double-digit scoring and combined for 26 rebounds (given 13 of those came from Thornton alone).

There hasn’t been much question as to whether or not the Bulldogs have a qualified starting lineup, but rather they have a deep enough bench. But, it could almost be argued, that if they can continue to get this level of play out of Thornton, Gaines and Co., then the bench shouldn’t even come into scrutiny.

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