3.5 Million Sets of Eyes

ATHENS - So just how important is Tuesday’s game with Kentucky? My answer might surprise you.

Obviously this is a huge game, but it won’t be the most important game Georgia plays this season.

This game won’t determine a championship; Kentucky won the SEC on Saturday.

This game isn’t the SEC Tournament Championship Game; that won’t take place for nearly two weeks.

This game isn’t an NCAA game; Georgia still has to get in (it will), but those games are still weeks away.

Those games are or would be more important than this game. Levels of importance, however, should be kept in perspective. This is likely the only Georgia game that will get unreal ratings this year.

The Cats bring a huge audience whenever they play. That this game is being played in prime time on a Tuesday night just underscores how big this audience could be. Kentucky has played in three of ESPN’s four highest-watched games of the season so far this year.

Kentucky-Louisville (3.5 million), Kentucky-Florida (3.27 million) and Kentucky-Kansas (2.75 million) have all had huge numbers. But all three of those games were televised on Saturdays. Side note (and strange) Kentucky’s 58-50 win over the Cards had a televised starting time of 2:10 and was opposite the Sun Bowl on CBS and the Military Bowl on ESPN and still got a college football-like number.

That just shows the power of Kentucky on TV and the opportunity, while not the most important opportunity of the season in terms of reality, that there will be a ton of eyeballs on this game. And for Georgia, a program that’s only played on CBS, ESPN or ESPN2 a combined six times this season, this game is pretty well as big as it gets in terms of exposure.

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