The Throwback: Dawg Post Mega Mailbag

Dawg Post is going into the vault to dig up some stories you should go back and read.

David Hale and Fletcher Page teamed up in June 2010 to write a mailbag of epic proportions in today's Georgia Dawg Post Throwback Story of the Day.


David Hale and Fletcher Page tackle an extended Dawg Post Summer Mailbag. In today's edition the duo answer questions about conference expansion, Nick Marshall, Jarvis Jones and more.

This may take a while...let's get it on.

Timothy writes: There is conflicting info all over the internet whether Jarvis Jones will have to sit out this year and have 3 years left or will he be able to play immediately. Could you find the straight answer?

David: I've got a full update on Mr. Jones for you, but let's get to one more inquiry first... @ugakerri writes: Will (Jarvis Jones) play OLB or ILB?!

David: OK, first off, Jarvis Jones could apply for a waiver that would make him eligible to play this season, although the likelihood of that petition being granted by the NCAA could be slim.

Regardless, it won't matter. Jones won't apply for the waiver and is instead planning to redshirt the 2010 season, giving his neck a bit more time to heal and giving him a full year to learn the 3-4 defense at Georgia.

As for where Jones will play, he tells me the current plan is for him to start out at outside linebacker, but he feels he could handle either position and could make a switch down the road depending on how things go this fall.

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