This Day in Georgia History: March 5th

Dawg Post takes a look back on what happened on this day in Georgia history.

March 5


The NCAA places Georgia’s football program on two-years probation for improper recruiting and extra benefits from 1993-1995. The penalties include public reprimand; reduction in initial awards from 25 to 20 for 1997-98; reduction in total awards from 85 to 79 for 1997-98 and from 85 to 82 for 1998-99; reduction in official visits from 56 to 48 for 1997-98 and from 56 to 52 for 1998-99; reduction of one football coach permitted to recruit off campus at any one time for 1997-98; disassociation of one athletics representative; prohibition against recruiting in Palm Beach County, Florida, during 1997-98 and 1998-99; and annual reports


Football player Jon Stinchcomb named recipient of NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship.

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