Film Study: Mecole Hardman

Matt DeBary takes a look at Elbert County DB Mecole Hardman on film.

Film Study: Mecole Hardman Mecole Hardman is a 2016 WR/DB from Elbert County, who also happens to be one of the fastest prospects in the state. I was able to watch Hardman play in the Rising Seniors game, where he totaled 5 catches for 129 yards, plus and a long touchdown. I also watched Hardman compete in the Adidas Showcase, where he was one of the top WR’s in attendance.

The first thing you notice about Hardman is his speed. Although he plays QB for his Elbert County team, he has the athleticism, ball skills, and playmaking ability needed to become a WR or DB in college. I believe he has more upside at WR at the next level, but many schools around the south are recruiting him to play defensive back, specifically cornerback.

At WR, I saw good hands from Hardman during the Rising Seniors game. He was on the same team as Kyle Davis and Demetris Roberstson, both of whom are highly touted players in the 2016 class. Even with a loaded WR core on his team, Hardman was the guy the coaches felt should have the ball to start the game. He is quick enough to take a quick slant for big yardage, and has the balance to make a tough catch on the sideline. He reminds me of Darius Slayton not with his size, but with his speed and ability to turn a short gain into a big one.

During the Adidas Showcase, I saw that Hardman plays with a lot of fire and excitement. He was the guy trying to get every rep, and the one who wanted to bring home the MVP. He is a guy people really enjoy being around, and someone who will bring leadership to whatever school he chooses.

One thing that Hardman could work on is adding a little more weight. He is a little skinny, and doesn’t quite have the size needed to really take over games, although he has the speed to do it. He also needs to work on selling his routes a little better. Since he will play a different position in college than he did in high school, there will definitely be an adjustment period for him when he first starts practice. He has the speed and quickness to be successful, but he just needs to keep working on the fundamentals to elevate his game to the next level. He is very determined to be a great player at the next level, and I have no doubt he will work as hard as he can do perfect his game. I really like the way this kid plays.

After talking with him last Sunday at the Showcase in Powder Springs, I feel that Tennessee is definitely the clear leader for Hardman’s services as of today. He did mention that he loves Georgia, and he loves the coaching changes they have recently made on offense. Hardman can be a true weapon on offense, and will be a huge get for whichever school he chooses.

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