Film Study: Chauncey Manac

Matt DeBary takes a look at Clinch County DL Chauncey Manac on film.

Chauncey Manac is the 2016 defensive end for Clinch County who is currently committed to the University of Georgia. The 6’3 247 lb. defender is strong against the run, but has the frame and quickness needed to become a formidable pass rusher.

Manac can play that pass rushing specialist role at OLB, but he can also drop down to DE down the road. I watched him play in the rising seniors game, and although he had a decent game, there were other defensive lineman that stood out a little more. He got in the backfield quite a few times, but there were other times where he disappeared.

On film, Manac played against many triple option offenses, so he was not given much opportunity to rush the passer. As a run defender, Manac showed the ability to hold his ground against a block--and get off the block in time to make a play in the backfield. There were times when he lined up at middle linebacker, where he did a nice job stuffing up the run in the middle. What stood out to me the most was his ability to get off blocks. On the rare occasion he wasn’t blocked, he was never fooled by the QB, and consistently made plays behind the line of scrimmage.

My one question about him is his pass rushing skills. He didn’t stand out in that department when I watched him live, and he didn’t rush the passer much this past season. He has the size to do it, and he showed flashes of quickness, but I just haven’t seen it.

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