Film Study: Julian Rochester

Matt DeBary takes a look at McEachern DL Julian Rochester on film.

Julian Rochester is a guy I was looking forward to watch all year. Many believe Rochester will be a five star recruit in the 2016 class, as well as one of the top players in the state. I saw him play in the first round of the state playoffs against East Coweta, and he did not disappoint.

Rochester started the game a little slow, possibly because of the cold weather on that windy November night. He was a non-factor on the first drive, and East Coweta had a little success running the ball down the field, but the possession did not lead to points. Rochester then made a big impact the next drive, making a couple of nice tackles at the line of scrimmage to stop the drive. East Coweta mostly ran away from him, and actually had a couple of nice throws downfield, and I thought they did a nice job of stopping him at first. As the half went on, Rochester used his size and strength to maneuver his way into the backfield, stopping one run for a big loss, and constantly making the opposing QB scramble from the pocket.

Rochester did make one “wow” play that showed how good he can really be: double teamed as a reverse went his way, he beat the double team, blasting the running back in the backfield for about a 10 yard loss. The one thing I wanted to see more of was a little more pursuit of the ball when the play wasn’t in his direction. If East Coweta had wanted, they could have just run away from him all game and had success. When Rochester was around the ball, he made the play most of the time, but when the ball was somewhere else, he was not a factor at all. He did show strength and some nice moves to beat his defender, and he definitely has the size coaches look for in a big Defensive Tackle prospect. Overall, I thought he would have a little more impact, but maybe I was expecting too much. The McEachern defense overall played very well that night, and looking back on it, Rochester did have a nice game himself. He made plays, which is all you can ask for. I don’t think he has the explosiveness of Derrick Brown, also in the 2016 class, but Rochester will be a good one nonetheless.

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