Putting On My Boogie Shoes

ATHENS - So, Georgia’s off to the tournament. The Big Dance, if you will.

But why is everyone so excited about THIS dance? I dance all the time. Don’t know why the Bulldogs haven’t danced since 2011… That’s just silly.

In honor of Mark Fox putting on his March boogie shoes, let’s dance.

This month is all about face-offs. So, how about a little competition? The Fresh Prince versus middle school Ace?

Woof. I had to hit the archives big time for that one, but March Madness has put me in a good mood. So I hope you at least laughed and me both singing acapella and dancing.

Some dances, like Jump On It, are classic. I don’t have to start listing those ones. Everyone knows them—the wedding reception favorites, you know? One song that will definitely be played at my wedding?

They dance is just an evolution of movement (I think), and I’m like 42% sure Pop, Lock and Drop it is the great-great grandchild of The Twist.

If you grew up in the late 70s and 80s, you were spoiled rotten with quality movie dances. Footloose, Grease, Flash Dance, Dirty Dancing. Nowadays, we have Step Up 178 trying to beat these out, and it just won’t.

But, you know, I’ll give Magic Mike credit for trying.

All right we’re getting off track. Let’s bring it back to Athens. How about that time that Mark Richt danced in a really, really bad YouTube special.

I’d say stick to coaching, Mark. But who knows? Maybe he had some moves that he wasn’t ready to have documented.

But in all reality, the best kind of dance is one of yours truly twirling the night away with a complete stranger. In Bourbon Street Athens. Caught on an iPhone.

Alright I’m out. But, I think if enough people start a petition on The Porch, Dean and the Dawg Post crew (including Ethan) might just put together a celebratory video for y’all.

With all this on your minds, enjoy the Big Dance.

Stay safe, kids.

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