Nick Chubb: On the Record

ATHENS - Nick Chubb speaks with media following Georgia's first day of Spring football practice.

Q: How does it feel to be back out on the field with Georgia?

A: It feels good. We’ve had a great eight weeks of winter training so it was great to get back on the field and play football.

Q: What’s it like having Bryan McClendon coaching another position?

A: That’s B-Mac. He’s with the wide outs right now, but we know he’s there for us if we have any questions. He’s there for us.

Q: How does Thomas Brown differ from McClendon style wise?

A: They’re pretty much the same. I could tell they knew each other in the past because they’re both going hard – no slowing down on everything.

Q: How much did you know about Brown before?

A: I didn’t know much about him at all.

Q: What role will second year expectations play in your preparation?

A: I think I’ll handle it well. I got the other guys on the field with me, so no pressure.

Q: And Keith Marshall?

A: He’s back. Keith Marshall’s back. I look forward to Keith having a great year. They’re all look good.

Q: Why work out for spring break?

A: I never had a spring break to go to the beach in high school because I always ran track, so it was nothing new to me – just cameras happened to be there that day.

Q: Do the running backs feel like they have to step it up with a new passing game?

A: It’ll be the same as it’s always been. The passing game is going to develop. It always will and it always has. It’ll come. We’ve just got to get the quarterbacks going and get the wideouts going. I think when we get comfortable it will come.

Q: Is it a different feel without Todd Gurley?

A: I think we’ve all got to lead. I miss Todd, though. He was a character. He kept us laughing even when we were practicing.

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