Pro Bowl Workouts for Sanders

ATHENS - Sophomore Dominick Sanders said he spent spring break going home to Tucker to work out.

That might seem kind of mundane except the free safety/star did it hanging with a couple of NFL Pro Bowlers from Georgia: Cincinnati Bengals receiver A.J. Green and Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston.

“Most of the workout time I was talking to them like, `Man, I can’t believe I’m in front of two NFL guys,” Dominick Sanders said.

They hit it at Rock Hard Fitness early in the morning.

“They’ve been training at that gym before I came there,” Sanders said. “I knew of them. It was pretty fun.”

Some High school athletes from the area also were there.

Sanders described himself as “much more explosive, a little bigger and a little faster,” after working under new strength coach Mark Hocke’s offseason program.

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