James DeLoach: On the Record

DT James DeLoach speaks with media following the second day of Georgia's spring football practice.

Q: How has Jonathan Ledbetter looked so far?

A: He’s getting better and better every day. All the older guys have taken him under our wing and we’re coaching him up to do different things.

Q: Do you feel like this is your time to step up?

A: I feel like this is my year. It either is or it ain’t this season, so I’m going to do as much as I can to help my teammates this year and get that national championship.

Q: Is that something you all talk about a lot?

A: We don’t really talk about it a lot. We focus on it day by day to get better.

Q: How different is it seeing new faces on the offensive side?

A: It’s been a lot different not seeing the old coaches, but with the new coaching staff everybody is more together. There’s competition all across the board and all the new coaches have all the energy and they’re pushing us everywhere they can.

Q: Are you seeing more of a chance to lead this season?

A: I see myself as the older guy out there trying to get the younger guys right and teaching them everything I can possibly give them.

Q: Will you be more verbal this year?

A: Yes sir. I’m going to try to be the best team player I can be this year.

Q: What’s it been like with a second-year staff for the defense?

A: It’s a lot different. You basically know what’s going on this year so you can basically just fly around. As far as the offensive players, they’re just now getting the feel for it so they feel like we felt on defense last year.

Q: What have the changes in strength and conditioning been like for the team?

A: Coach (Mark) Hocke, he’s brought a lot of excitement to the weight room and I enjoy going in there every day and competing.

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