The Mailbag Returns

The Mailbag is back. Caitlyn Stroh (or Ace, or Kathy, whatever) is here to field your questions about the Bulldogs, Athens and life in general.

Hope you weren't holding your breath.

Sorry for the month-long hiatus from the mailbag. I just felt like it needed a little R&R while basketball did its thing (and I won't lie, I went on a cruise).

Now that its springtime in Athens, it's time to bring the oh-so beloved mailbag back. I know you all ask Dean the big questions, but we can have a little fun without him. Y’all have until Tuesday at noon to post questions on our premium message board - The Porch. Premium members’ questions will always be answered. If you are just super social media savvy, feel free to tweet questions @Dawg_Post. If your question is good enough, it just might get answered.

Alright. Go ahead and ask away. I'm an open book and want to avoid real work.

See ya soon. Hope your brackets are doing better than mine...

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