Jacob Park: On the Record

ATHENS - QB Jacob Park speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Tuesday.

Q: How are you handling your second spring on campus?

A: It’s good. It transitions well. We’re picking up the offense pretty good. We’re having a lot of fun out there with (Brian) Schottenheimer. It’s a little less stressful on the field. We’re just enjoying it and getting better every day.

Q: What do you mean by ‘less stressful?’

A: As far he’s putting in the system right now, there’s not as many rules. There’s not as many checks and picking up blitzes and stuff like that right now. There’s more playing ball and working the actual concepts.

Q: Is Schottenheimer giving you, Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta equal reps?

A: We change off every day. One day Brice will be with the ones, Faton will be with the twos and I’ll be with the threes and then we’ll just rotate through. That’s how we’ve been doing it. That’s how Coach Schottenheimer and Coach (Mark) Richt wanna do it so I guess that’s how we’re doing it.

Q: Do you feel like this is really an open competition?

A: I guess so. I’m not really the one to ask that question, but yeah, as far as playing time and as far as opportunities out there I think yeah, it’s definitely a pretty equal chance.

Q: What are some style differences between Schottenheimer and Mike Bobo?

A: It’s hard to tell just because Coach Bobo had been here so long that everybody knew his offense. Schottenheimer just got here so he’s kind of teaching everybody the same offense so he’s starting from the ground up. It’s kind of keeping it a little simpler at the beginning so as far as coaching styles I can’t really tell right now. It’s the fourth practice. I like Bobo. I like how he gets after it, and I like Schottenheimer. I like how he coaches.

There’s similarities, but terminology and things like that have changed.

Q: What would you bring to the offense if you were named the starter?

A: Same thing everybody else brings to the competition. I’m a competitor. I wanna play and I wanna win. That’s what I’m bringing.

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