Brice Ramsey: On the Record

ATHENS - QB Brice Ramsey speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Tuesday.

Q: What are you seeing in this quarterback battle?

A: Everyone’s out there working and everyone’s working hard. We’ve got a rotation going. I was with the ones today and I’ll be with the threes tomorrow. It’s a good battle. Everyone’s competing and everyone’s working hard.

Q: Does that rotation affect your continuity at all?

A: It obviously produces different challenges each and every day, so I almost think it’s beneficial. You’re obviously suffering through different growing pains with different lines and just trying to pick everything up when you get to the younger guys.

It’s just one of those things (where) you’ve got to not get discouraged and just keep working.

Q: Being the number two guy in the fall, is this your job to lose in the spring?

A: I have playing experience, but that means nothing now. I’m back to square one – just trying to work hard and do everything I can.

Q: Are you annoyed that you have to relearn a new playbook after spending so much time with Mike Bobo’s?

A: That’s a huge thing. You’ve got to grasp it, you’ve got to know it (and) you’ve got to know what’s going on. I just felt comfortable right when Bobo left. I was like ‘yes, I’ve got it,’ and sure enough I’m into a new system.

Q: How much of a change has it been for you?

A: The confidence is there. I’ve had a little bit of game experience. I’ve been able to play a little bit and it just produces new challenges, like I said with this new offense. It’s back to square one. We’re trying to get on the same page with everything and trying to learn everything and it’s just kind of going slow right now, but I’m sure by the fall we’ll be ready to rock n’ roll.

Q: Has the terminology changed any?

A: It’s all the same stuff. It’s just new terminology.

Q: How did you take the news that Bobo was leaving Georgia?

A: I didn’t believe it at first. I thought there was a good possibility. I mean he deserved it. I was happy for him. At the same time I was just wondering what was going to happen with the offense and everything.

But this offense at the end; Coach Schottenheimer does a great job coaching it up and kind of dummying it down for us and putting us in the right situation so it’s not too bad.

Q: Has Schottenheimer told you all what he’s looking for in a starting quarterback?

A: I feel like he’s kind of just feeling it all out right now. Obviously I would assume consistency in play and grasp of the playbook and just knowledge and knowing what’s going on with everyone on the field – just making the right decisions and getting us in the right runs.

Q: How different, in your opinion, are the coaching styles of Schottenheimer and Bobo?

A: There’s a big difference. They’re two different guys. You’ve got Bobo who is an up in your face, rah rah guy. Honestly I, I guarantee Schotty has got that in him. He’s just being kind of slow right now because we’re trying to pick everything up, but come fall if we mess something up that we messed up in the spring I’m sure he’ll have some fire on us.

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