Josh Dawson: On the Record

ATHENS - Josh Dawson speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Thursday.

Q: How is spring practice right now?

A: It’s very intense. It’s competition every day. Everybody is fighting for a job and everybody is trying to better themselves each and every day so I would say it’s very intense.

Q: You get to hit now more than you do in the fall, right?

A: Most definitely. The coaches are trying to see who can play, who’s not scared to put their nose in the pile and who can make a play so spring is where you can show it and who can hit and who can’t so it’s a good time.

Q: What are you working on individually this year?

A: Just bettering my craft every day technique wise. Technique is the biggest thing, especially playing in the SEC. There’s a lot of great athletes and it’s all about technique and just being a leader for this team and just bettering all the young guys that came in already and just helping them with a helping hand so that’s just one thing I’m working on this spring.

Q: How much easier is it to lead when you’ve had a year to learn this defense?

A: It’s always challenging to be a leader, but it’s easier with not having to worry about installs and what plays to learn and everything. You get to help them when they need help and show them how to do it. You don’t have to worry about ‘am I doing this right?’ You just show them the right way and being a helping hand is the main thing.

Q: Who is making an impression on you right now?

A: There’s a lot of people. Not just any one main name that comes out, but everybody’s working hard. Everybody knows the competition out there every day, especially on the defensive end. All our coaches are very straight forward, so every day they point out our flaws and we’ve got to better ourselves each and every day.

Q: What are you seeing from Jonathan Ledbetter?

A: He’s working hard every day just like everybody else who came in. He’s doing a great job. Coach (Tracy) Rocker is teaching him how to play and how to play Georgia football.

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