Collin Barber: On the Record

ATHENS - Collin Barber speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Thursday.

Q: How did you deal with the adversity of fighting for your job last year?

A: It was very difficult for me always starting to go out there and coach tell me before a game, ‘hey you’re not starting this game. Adam is.’ I was very happy for him at the time. His hard work paid off, but for me, I was kind of like, ‘what am I doing? I’ve got this awesome opportunity to be here and I’m not taking advantage of it. It just pushed me to get back where I was and work harder and not get comfortable.

Q: Do you think you’re back now to where you were before?

A: Yes. I believe I’m back to where I once was and I’m definitely going to try and get better and push myself to be the best I can be. I’m looking forward to a great year and hopefully winning some awards and breaking some records.

Q: What kind of goals do you set for yourself as a punter?

A: Inside the 20 is always great. If I could have it inside the 10 or inside the five that’s outstanding. I’d be happy with that. My thing is I really want to help out the team more than anything.

I want to have at least a 45-yard net. I’m setting high standards for myself, but I think if I work hard and I really want it I can achieve it.

Q: Are you more relaxed than you were last year?

A: Oh yeah. We’ve gotten back in the swing of things and the new strength coach has really helped me come back.

I’ve just taken my body back to where it used to be. I had a herniated disc last season and it really affected my body. I couldn’t work out. I couldn’t really do much (and) it killed me to punt, but now it’s better. I got trimmed up again and I’ve gotten my body back again (and) my core.

Q: When did you suffer that herniated disc?

A: I went and they said I had a bulging disc after the South Carolina game so I battled that the whole season pretty much. I don’t want to sit here and blame it all on that because I could have worked a lot harder last season to do better than what I did, but it’s finally hit me - one more season and I’ve been blessed with a God-given talent to kick the ball, so hopefully I can turn it into something great.

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