Time for the Monday Mailbag

Did y'all hear that Dean got hit in the head with a Diet Coke? Don't worry, he's okay because it was a soft drink.

Now that I've broken the ice with the worst joke of the week, let's move on to the real stuff. TIME FOR THE MAILBAG.

Final Four predictions, QB competition gossip, Coach Stricklin and the Diamond Dogs...you name it, I'll talk about it. If we say Ethan's name three times, he may even appear.

Y’all have until Tuesday at noon to post questions on our premium message board - The Porch. Premium members’ questions will always be answered. If you are just super social media savvy, feel free to tweet questions @Dawg_Post. If your question is good enough, it just might get answered.

Keep up the good work & questions from last week. I'm still trying to get the hang of this. And obviously my career as a comedian isn't looking too bright.

peace n blessings

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