Chris Mayes: On the Record

ATHENS - Chris Mayes speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Tuesday.

Q: Are you starting to get the hang of things better than you were last season?

A: Yeah, I’m improving my fundamentals and my techniques (and) going back to the basics because I had problems disengaging and stuff like that. I’m just trying to work back to what made me successful.

Q: Was last year a frustrating season for you?

A: Yeah it was, but it’s something I had to overcome. Other guys stepped up. Mike Thornton, he stepped up. This was his fifth year and he stepped up and played the part.

Q: Losing some defensive players, how much responsibility is your’s now?

A: Me and all the leaders and seniors; we all just have to step up into a new role and get more playing time.

Q: What is your weight now?

A: 330 (pounds).

Q: Is that weight up or down from last season?

A: It’s probably up.

Q: Did they talk to you in the offseason about a plan for what they wanted you to be?

A: Probably around 320. It’s better to be slimmer, lighter-weight for some of the schemes and blitzes we run, so 330 doesn’t really fit in the scheme too much unless you’re in a goal line situation.

Q: How are things in your second year with Jeremy Pruitt?

A: I learned a lot from the first year just by observing guys like Mike Thornton and Toby Johnson. Playing there I understood the concepts like finesse and brute strength. I had to learn that.

Q: Is Pruitt bringing in a lot more new stuff?

A: It’s more comfortable. He’s basically had the same schemes and the same stuff. He’s just tweaking a little bit and improving on them so everybody, even the new guys can get a hang of things.

Q: Who are some of the younger guys who have caught your eye?

A: All of the younger guys are doing well right now. I like to say Jonathan Ledbetter is standing out to me (and) Jake Ganus with his ability. He’s playing hard.

Q: Who’s the most vocal player on the defense right now?

A: Like I said, I believe Josh Dawson, and Jake Ganus is pretty vocal also. They’re good at calling out everything and trying to get everybody together and as a whole commodity.

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