Malkom Parrish: On the Record

ATHENS - Malkom Parrish speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Tuesday.

Q: Is there a lot of competition in the defensive backfield this spring?

A: Yeah it can be a lot of competition and they’re trying to get the spot, but whatever the coaches decide that’s what the coaches decide.

Q: Is Jeremy Pruitt still hard to please?

A: He’s not hard to please. He’s just a hard working guy that wants perfection, but he knows that he’s not always going to get perfection, but he expects that.

Q: Is he still getting after guys when he doesn’t like what he sees?

A: If he doesn’t like you he wouldn’t get on you. That’s a good coach in my eyes.

Q: What went into the improvement of last year’s defense, and how will you continue to improve with Damian Swann gone?

A: We’re just working hard trying to get that chemistry.

A team takes bond, loyalty and chemistry. For us to come together as a team we’ve got to have that.

Q: Is Dominick Sanders stepping up as a leader?

A: I feel like the team is leading. We’re coming together and everyone gets on everyone.

Q: Is Pruitt adding a lot of new stuff?

A: Right now we’re just going over the basics.

Q: What’s the matchup with Malcolm Mitchell been like?

A: Sometimes that’s’ just how the cookie crumbles; we’ll just be on each other. I don’t see that too often, but when I guard him I know I’ve got to guard him.

I just know that’s going to be someone that makes me better.

Q: Did you ever get truly comfortable with the sets and formations last year?

A: I’m getting more comfortable. I wouldn’t say completely comfortable because there’s some things that I know personally that I’ve still got to work on. Like I said I’ve just got to go out there every day and try to give my all.

Q: What’s the biggest thing you miss not having Swann out there anymore?

A: Last year he brought a lot of tempo to the defense. We’re just trying to get our chemistry back.

Q: What are some things you are trying to work on and improve?

A: Mental toughness.

Q: How do you do that?

A: Just go out there and every rep that I get tired I try to work even harder that next rep.

Q: What helped you become a key member of last year’s defense?

A: Last year I was just working hard every day. I tried to give it my all; not for anyone (but) it was just for me. Last year that’s just how the cards fell down and I got a lot of playtime towards the end. From then to now I’m still doing the same thing.

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