Devin Bowman: On the Record

ATHENS - Devin Bowman speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Tuesday.

Q: Are players still moving from position to position?

A: Some guys are moving around. I just got back to corner. I was at safety before a little bit. He’s just trying everybody out right now. I don’t think anyone knows.

Q: Was that just a brief experiment?

A: Probably just being cross-trained; just trying to learn the plays a little bit more so I figured safety would help me out better at corner; just learning plays and stuff.

Q: Do you have a preference?

A: I’m probably still going to play corner.

Q: Will you play any at star?

A: Probably not. We’ve really got some good players to play star so I probably won’t.

Q: Who’s working there?

A: Dominick Sanders, Jesse Jones, Quincy Mauger and Reggie Wilkerson.

Q: Are things more settled on the defense?

A: We’re all comfortable, but we still don’t know who’s going to be put where, so we’re just trying to figure that out right now.

Q: What do you expect out of Malkom Parrish in his second year?

A: I expect a lot out of him. He’s a really good player. He’s physical; he’s smart (and) he knows what’s going on so he’ll bring a lot to the table this year.

Q: What does your fourth spring feel like?

A: I can say that I’ve grown a whole lot so it’s still like a learning experience. I’m trying to get better every day. I’m just going out and giving it my all.

Q: What are some things you could get better at?

A: Jamming, keeping my hands up and just keep playing.

Q: How would you say the secondary played last year?

A: I think we did pretty good. We went 10-3, but that’s just football. I think we did really well, though.

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