Kenneth Towns: On the Record

ATHENS - Kenneth Towns speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Thursday.

Q: How have the receivers been performing this spring?

A: As a whole we’ve been working. We’ve just been getting used to coach B-Mac (Bryan McClendon). He’s bringing a whole new mindset than Coach Ball was. Just like he did with Todd (Gurley) and all those guys, he’s just focusing on finishing every play and giving our all every play; just working and giving our all nonstop. As a whole we’ve just been getting better each day and just working.

Q: How is the mindset different?

A: Playing the position here he knows how things go. He doesn’t let us slack. Every play he’s watching us (and) if we’re doing bad he’s going to let us know. If we’re loafing or not giving it our all, he’s going to let us know. After practice we may have to do up-downs or something.

Q: Has everyone been receptive to that?

A: Oh yeah. We’ve been improving every day.

Q: What’s the difference in personality between Tony Ball and Bryan McClendon?

A: Coach Ball was more upbeat and technical and stuff, but B-Mac, he’s a great coach in his own right. He’s younger, but he still knows the knowledge of the game and he’s able to teach us real good.

Q: What does he have you working on?

A: Just coming off the ball; no wasted movements; get from point A to point B as quick as possible.

Q: What’s the feel been like with Chris Conley and Michael Bennett gone?

A: We’ve just been learning from those guys. We still have Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley who came in with them so we still have leaders, and since I’ve been here I’ve been watching Chris and I’ve just been trying to mold my game after them and just keep learning.

Q: Who are some guys who have been taking a hold of the receivers group?

A: Malcolm, Justin, me and Reggie (Davis). It’s not really just one set leader. We’ve all got to be together, so as a team we’ve just been coming together.

Q: What kind of relationship does this receiving corps have on and off the field?

A: We’re close –real close. We’ll go hang out with each other every now and then and play games. We’re just real tight.

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