Rob Sale: On the Record

ATHENS - Rob Sale speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Thursday.

Q: Will Isaiah Wynn be the number one center again for the next scrimmage?

A: Yeah, probably so.

Q: What has Kendall Baker done to improve this offseason?

A: He’s getting better. You see that he has the ability. He can move his feet. He’s a big guy and he’s just got to play harder every single play and we’re getting more of that out of him. Every practice he’s getting better and better. He’s doing a good job at left tackle as well.

Q: How does the quarterback using different centers/linemen affect what you guys do up front?

A: It really hasn’t affected us. They’re doing a good job handling all three. Obviously every guy has a little different revel in the cadence. There are your usual bumps, false starts and things like that, but everybody’s settled in.

Q: Does this line seem more prolific when run blocking or pass blocking?

A: I would say run blocking, but we’re coming along in play action as well. Protection is coming along fine. You’re going to give up some pressures here and there and everybody is going to get beat, especially in situational practice, but they’re doing a really good job.

Q: Are you pleased with the offensive line’s progress from the beginning of spring up until now?

A: I am. The ones are doing better than I’d probably say the twos (are). The twos are coming along and they’re the twos for a reason, but they are getting better and they are trying.

Q: How important is this center battle?

A: Obviously you cannot get enough guys’ hands on the ball when developing good centers. The center is a lot like the quarterback. There’s a little bit more weight on those guys, but right now we’re getting three guys I feel very confident in and we’ve got three guys on the side that I think could be a fourth guy.

Q: Coming off a big year, what are some things you’ll have Greg Pyke working to improve?

A: Getting better every single day, and he is. He’s not worried about what he got last year. That was last year. There isn’t anything guaranteed this year, and I’m constantly on him to get better. The good ones, that’s what they want to do. They have that self-motivation every day, every period, team run (or) 11-on-11.

He’s doing a good job and I promise you that.

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