Friday Face-off: Worst Loss of Richt Era?

ATHENS - Dean Legge and Fletcher Page talk about the worst loss, in their minds, of the Mark Richt Era.

Dean Legge


Lots of people like to moan about Georgia’s 2008 loss to Alabama, but that loss didn’t change anything. If Georgia, which came into the season ranked No. 1 for the first time ever, ran the table from there on out, they could have rematched the Tide in the Georgia Dome for the right to play for the national title.

But that rematch never happened thanks to the worst loss of Mark Richt’s career - a 49-10 loss to No. 5 Florida in Jacksonville.

It was as embarrassing as it got for Georgia as a program. The game, which had the memory of Georgia’s field-storming 42-30 win in 2007 fresh in everyone’s minds, ended with Urban Meyer taking three timeouts at the end of the game to finish off No. 8 Georgia.

The loss marked the end of an era of sorts. If the loss to hated Florida wasn't enough, Georgia lost to Georgia Tech later that season… cementing the 2008 season as one of the most disappointing in recent memory.

Georgia took until nearly 2011 to recover fully from the loss that day. From the Florida game forward, Georgia lost all but 2 of 13 games against ranked foes. They had won 7 of 8 vs. ranked teams before that.

The 49-10 loss was a horrible loss on every level. It was the worst loss, easily, of Mark Richt’s time in Athens.

Fletcher Page


You know me, I’ve gotta preface my pick… 

The most disappointing loss of the Richt Era: 2008 Florida. 

The most devastating: 2012 Alabama. 

The most deflating: 2002 Florida. 

The most dramatic: 2013 Auburn

The most dumbfounding-yet-irrelevant: UCF in 2010. 

Having said that, the worst was at Colorado in 2010. The case is simple. Georgia entered on a three game losing streak, having just lost to Mississippi State (which, might be the second worst loss in the last 14 seasons). Starting 1-4? Nah. That should never happen at Georgia. 

Let’s drive the point home. Colorado finished that season 5-7. The Buffaloes beat only two teams with winning records. Should’ve never been a game, because it should have never been a scheduled game. What did Georgia have to gain by spanning three time zones to play some shoddy team fixing to move from the Big 12 to the Pac-However-many-there-are-now? 

Nothing. And then the Bulldogs lost, in terrible fashion when Caleb King fumbled on the last drive with Georgia already in position for the potential go-ahead field goal position. 

This was part of Georgia’s first losing season since 1996. The worst part. 

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