Bryan McClendon: On the Record

ATHENS - Bryan McClendon speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Tuesday.

Q: Which receivers have been having a good spring so far?

A: Malcolm Mitchell has made a lot of strides. Isaiah McKenzie has had a very good spring so far. Reggie Davis is continuing to improve and having a very good spring so far as well. Those three guys in particular have done well. Justin (Scott-Wesley) has come along as well, but he still has a little more ways to go; really just getting confidence back in his game and confidence back in his body and being able to get back to old form a little bit. All those guys have pretty much done well across the board.

Q: Has Georgia been more aggressive on the recruiting trail this year?

A: I think it’s just kind of where recruiting has gotten. You have to jump out there and really be a year ahead in the evaluation process to what things used to be. You get things through and you pass those guys and you pass the evaluation and there’s no reason to hold back. Just in doing that you’ve got to be able to be a lot more sure on a guy and a lot more sure on what you think he can be and what he can be down the road as far as potential and everything like that, but I think that’s where recruiting has gotten.

Q: After all that time coaching running backs, how has this spring been coaching receivers?

A: It feels like I’m back at home. The toughest part about it all was really just leaving those guys in that room that I was leaving, but those guys took it actually a lot better than I did initially. Obviously I knew I wanted to do it. Coach and I actually talked about doing that before, years ago.

That was all I had known really until I went and coached running backs. Just all the familiarity kind of just kept rushing back at once and really it’s been a ball.

Q: Do your practice drills favor Tony Ball’s at all?

A: Up until I coached running backs all I had known was wide receiver. That’s all I had known. That’s all I played here. That’s what I played with the Chicago Bears for that brief period of time.

Just the familiarity as far as what works and what to do and everything else was kind of just second nature.

Q: How much of a challenge has it been jumping from running backs to receivers?

A: We lost a bunch of production. We lost guys that played a lot of ball and quite frankly we have guys that didn’t play as much, but I think it’s a great opportunity for those guys and just with all the transition that’s gone on it seemed like the time to do it. It’s been good. Everybody’s been picking up and going in the right direction.

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