Tim Kimbrough: On the Record

ATHENS - Tim Kimbrough speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Tuesday.

Q: What opportunities are you seeing at inside linebacker with some veterans gone?

A: It’s a lot of opportunity. It’s competing every day and everybody is getting better every day because it’s a lot of competing, so it’s just a grind.

Q: Has your body changed as a result of the offseason conditioning?

A: Yeah, we just got in shape real good this whole spring and I feel like I’m moving around real good because I’ve lost a lot of weight. I feel like I’m at a good weight, 229.

Q: What did you play at last year?

A: Like 232. It’s really a big difference, though. It really is.

Q: Are you trying to lose anymore?

A: Nope.

Q: Are those big hits you had on kickoffs last season something you can bring to the defense, too?

A: Yes. I just haven’t got my chance to show it on the field, but this year I’m going to show everybody.

Q: How much did you benefit from getting game experience behind Ramik Wilson and Amarlo Herrera last year?

A: It was good coming in just to be a backup and really just doing our job when we got in the game.

Q: Is this your job to lose?

A: I feel like it’s just a competing thing and me and Reggie (Carter), we’re just getting better every day because it’s competing. You’ve just got to compete for your spot every day so I feel like it’s making us great.

Q: How are the new guys coming along in the defense?

A: Jake (Ganus) is very experienced and he’s coming along real good. Natrez (Patrick), he’s just been there for two days but he’s got good movement on the inside. I feel like he’s going to come along real good, too.

Q: Are you starting to see some guys get a better grasp on the playbook now?

A: Yeah. This playbook is not that tough. You’ve just got to come out to practice and really be ready to do the things that Coach (Jeremy) Pruitt taught us that day.

Q: In the second year with Pruitt are you able to fly around a little bit more?

A: This year I’m more worried about my technique and how I take on blocks and stuff.

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