Sterling Bailey: On the Record

ATHENS - Sterling Bailey speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Tuesday.

Q: How is spring football going?

A: Spring is going really well. We’re out there pushing each other and making each other better, and I think this fall is going to be exciting.

Q: Are you ready to go for G Day?

A: It’s always a big thing when you can go and play between the hedges. It’s a feeling unlike any other, being out there with your teammates and just playing football and being in that atmosphere.

Q: Is it a battle between you and Josh Dawson to fill the gap Ray Drew left?

A: I really haven’t thought about it that way. We’re really just out there playing ball and having fun. We’re our own self and we’re just out there competing against each other.

Q: How big of a loss is Ray Drew?

A: I think the people we have coming in, filling in behind him have just as much experience as what left this football team. You’ve got Dawson, (James) DeLoach, and Chris Mays back. Our defensive line, we’re out there putting in work. Coach Rock (Tracy Rocker), he’s helping us along and he’s pushing us. We’re getting ready.

Q: Is Coach Rocker any different than last year?

A: The same. Nothing different about him.

Q: What’s it been like playing for him?

A: It’s great. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s been there and everything he tells us is only to make us better because he only wants to see us succeed.

Q: How different is this spring as opposed to your first at Georgia?

A: Everything is moving faster. After having a year under Coach Pruitt’s defense everything is just fast paced because you already know the defense and the only thing they’re teaching us is just the step movements and everything. Other than that it’s basically the same.

Q: In terms of offseason workouts, have you tried to make any changes to your body?

A: I’ve tried to lose some body weight and pick back up some muscle. We want to be a physical defensive line and we want to also be able to get off the ball and pressure the quarterback. This offseason workout really improved each and every one of us.

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