Georgia's QB Competition

Dean Legge and Fletcher Page talk about Georgia's quarterback competition. As usual, Dean is right and Fletcher figures out how to go from correct to incorrect in a matter of a few paragraphs.

Dean Legge: I’m not sure I’ve got much to say about the starter, but I am a little surprised that Jacob Park has not and doesn’t look like he’s going to pass Faton Bauta. Now that surprises me.

What doesn’t surprise me? Brice Ramsey is headed to the starting spot. If that doesn’t happen in the future that would be a stunning development I know I didn’t see coming. A slew of folks have pointed out how well Bauta has played. That he’s improved his play. I don’t think that’s just lip service.

I also don’t think it is possible for Georgia to get to Atlanta without Brice Ramsey as the signal caller. So that’s where I am at - Georgia has a quarterback who could be drafted in the top 50 of the NFL Draft in the future at starter; a player who is fighting like mad to be the starter who will likely wind up the backup; and a young player who is struggling.

I’m not sure this thing is much more than that. Its a competition - and the best player is winning it.

Fletcher Page:

I never thought Park would be the backup in 2015. He has more upside than Bauta, but that's not what you need in a backup. You need a solid, steady guy you can trust to be ready for one play or one quarter or one or two starts.

We've seen over the years how important that role is and Bauta appears more than suited for it.

I dunno about Brice being a top 50 pick. Not saying it can't or won't happen. But there's absolutely zero evidence yet that indicates it will.

Dean Legge: You thought Bauta would be the backup? Interesting that you would think that the person will less skill would be the No. 3, but, hey, you are a strange cat.

As it relates to the Brice going in the top 50… I’ll make a bet with you: If he’s in the top 50 in a few years of the NFL Draft you have to buy David Hale a weekend’s worth of tickets to the Cubs in 2019 - by then they will likely be good (right?). If Ramsey is not picked in the first 50 selections of the NFL Draft in the future I will buy you a ticket to the Duke-North Carolina basketball game in 2020 in Chapel Hill…

We got a bet?

As it relates to the “zero evidence” you have seen him throw a football… right? Those NFL guys love that body type with an arm. Case in point: Fresno State’s Derrick Carr in 2014; West Virginia’s Geno Smith in 2013; Florida State’s E.J. Manuel in 2013; Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill in 2012; Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden in 2012; Washington’s Jake Locker in 2011; Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert in 2011; Florida State’s Christian Ponder in 2011.

Those guys were all top 50 guys (there were others, but those guys have Ramsey’s body type) - not saying they are great NFL QBs… thats impossible to know, but they were top 50 picks. Predicting QB success in the NFL is pretty impossible. 

So you have your choice Big Fletch - make the call son.

As far as the competition is concerned - that the best player is going to win the competition doesn’t mean there wasn’t a competition. It just means he’s the best one. Its pretty simple.

Fletcher Page: Damn, son, you're aggressive today.

Again, there is zero evidence Brice will be picked Top 50. There is evidence that people that look and throw like Brice have been taken high.

So, sure, it helps to be a good looking dude in the bar. But you better have something interesting to say when the convo starts.

We'll see what Brice has to say come fall.

As far as bets go, my track record isn't all that great. I can't deny that. I'm not really interested in betting against some college dude from reaching his dreams. That's weird. So if he loses, I win? Nah.

I'm not saying Ramsey isn't a potential high pick. But potential is another way to say hasn't achieved that status yet.

Dean Legge: Scared money don’t make money, son; and I’ve had one too many pimento cheese sandwiches today - so I apologize for my aggressive nature. I get that you are rather timid right now after watching them Blue Devils win it all again. Sorry.

I’m disappointed you won’t take me up on my bet. I like gold coins, and would have loved to take a few more from you.

With that said - will one of these reserve signal callers leave at the end of the spring? I think that’s really the question, and I think that’s what Georgia is hoping to avoid. So, you are at the metaphorical bar - say something interesting.

Fletcher Page: It wouldn't be ideal if one left, but let's keep it real. If one did leave, it wouldn't really matter. It would be something we talk and talk and talk about, but if you needed your third best quarterback at any point in a season, well, your season was probably already over anyway. 

I say that knowing that Jacob Eason is coming next year, and he's really good. 

No matter what happens, I'm sure we'll start this conversation over and over again, through this August and especially next January when Eason shows up. 

For now, it's a waste of words. Ramsey is the guy. And he's going to turn around and hand the ball to Nick Chubb 30 times in the games that really matter. That's what you do when you have a for-sure top 50 draft pick.

Dean Legge: We started talking about one thing, and it went to another. I will just end my thoughts this way: the reason Georgia didn’t make it to Atlanta had to do with two things - 1. The defense failed them against the Gators and Cocks; 2. The quarterback couldn’t bail them out when they needed him to.

You have to have a QB to win this league - no matter how great (and he is great) Nick Chubb is.

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