The Throwback: Keeping the Faith

Dawg Post is going into the vault to dig up some stories you should go back and read.

Mark Richt is a man of faith. It's a source of pride and inspiration that he believes strongly in things he can't completely understand.

The important thing is that he believes.

Today's Dawg Post Throwback Story of the Day features this piece by David Hale from November of 2009.


A 4-4 start to his season and a wave of criticism from fans and media would be enough to test the faith of most head coaches, but Richt continues to believe. Georgia has dropped three of its past four games, including two blowout losses to SEC East foes, and the future looks bleak, but Richt continues to believe. A number of the Bulldogs veterans have struggled on the field and been dogged by criticism off it, but Richt still believes in them, too.

"You want to continue to believe that success is not that far away, and we're not too far off," Richt said. "We've just got to keep knocking at it until it breaks free and the good things happen."

Faith is one thing, and Richt has it in spades. But it's not often that answers appear out of the ether and fortunes turn on a dime.

To turn around a slide like this one, fans assume action needs to be taken, changes must be made and heads need to roll.

Richt hasn't officially ruled any of that out, but for the time being, the plan is to stay the course. With Tennessee Tech – a FCS team from the Ohio Valley Conference – coming to Athens today, Richt is hoping it's a chance for his team to right the ship without sweeping changes taking place. The plan is simple: Confidence over chaos, patience over panic.

"You can try to do some things as it's happening, but I think it's got to be more of a tweak rather than a wholesale change," Richt said.

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