Jeb Blazevich: On the Record

ATHENS - Jeb Blazevich speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Thursday.

Q: How are you taking on your role in the offense?

A: I feel like for me it seems like more of a bigger role. To me I know more, but it seems like we’re able to do a lot more things (and) we’re doing a lot more 12 personnel (one running back, two tight ends) and we’re able to split all over the field. I think we’re getting a lot more responsibility.

Q: Are there more proven tight ends than wide receivers?

A: No, that’s the beauty of it. We can mix it up. We’re deep everywhere. Of course we’ve got some injuries; we’ve got some guys banged up. But come time for the season we’re deep everywhere so that just means we can have another tool out there.

I feel like we’ve got depth.

Q: How’s Jay Rome been looking out there?

A: He’s been looking really good. He’ll tell you that himself. He leaned down and picked up a little speed and he’s catching the ball really well and he’s doing a great job of being a leader, being a vocal leader and just being there for the guys and doing his job well.

Q: How important is the depth at tight end?

A: Of course I feel like it’s a great thing. I feel like no matter what team you’re on you need the tight ends. I’m a little bit biased, but for what we’re doing here in this offense we need to perform and once again I feel like we’ve taken on more responsibility in this, but we don’t feel pressure. That’s just part of the game. Anybody will tell you you need to be spot on all the time.

Q: What are you trying to add to your game this spring?

A: How much time you got? Of course everybody’s just trying to get better. I’m just trying to do my job as best I can and get better at the little things. Spring’s a great time to harp on the fundamentals and not have to worry about game plan. It’s just ‘okay, what do I need to do to run this play the best I can?’ I think about that every single time.

Q: What’s your impression of Brian Schottenheimer?

A: I love the guy. I think he’s really professional. Of course he’s doing an amazing job. Coming from where he’s coming from you have to do well. His offense, I feel like it’s a lot more in depth in terms of what we’re doing. We can switch up things and it spreads around the responsibility of knowing what to do. I feel like in the last offense everything was just put on the quarterback and the linemen to do that, but now they can share the responsibility and lighten the load. Many hands make light work so we’re able to share that and help each other.

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