Reggie Davis: On the Record

ATHENS - Reggie Davis speaks with media following Georgia's spring football practice on Thursday.

Q: How is the spring going for you so far?

A: It’s going pretty good. It’s been tough, but it’s going pretty good; making progress.

Q: What’s it been like having Bryan McClendon coaching the receivers?

A: One thing I can say about B-Mac is B-Mac does not care. If you’re in between the white lines you better be going.

Q: What’s different about McClendon in comparison with former coach Tony Ball?

A: They both push hard on us, but B-Mac…if you’re able to walk in between those lines you better be going. He doesn’t care if you’re tired or something’s bothering you. If you’re able to suit up you better be going.

Q: Does he look comfortable in his new job?

A: Yeah, he looks pretty comfortable. We all like him as a coach and we’re all enjoying it so I think it’s going good.

Q: What are you working on this spring?

A: Everything. My whole game.

Q: What was the first thing McClendon told the receivers after he made the switch to that position?

A: He said just be ready to work and have the mentality to go hard every day no matter what the circumstances are.

Q: What are you seeing from Malcolm Mitchell this spring?

A: Malcolm is Malcolm. He’s one freak of an athlete to me.

Q: How is Justin Scott-Wesley coming along?

A: Justin is coming along really good. Justin looks fine to me. To me, Justin is being Justin.

Q: What leaders have been stepping up in the absence of Chris Conley and Michael Bennett?

A: Faton (Bauta) and John (Theus) on the offense. I haven’t really been around the defense too much to know. And Malcolm Mitchell is one on the offense.

Q: Is this your opportunity to step up and be one of the top options at receiver?

A: Yeah, B-Mac tells us every day is opportunity. I just think every time I put the pads on it’s an opportunity to do something.

Q: Are you becoming a more versatile receiver?

A: Definitely, (and) especially with the new strength coach. The way he has us working out I feel like my game has gotten better all around.

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