Am I Going Blind?

Dean Legge wonders what he's missing - or maybe what others are...

ATHENS - There’s an old Korn song from the 1990s - Blind.

Now, I’m not a big Korn guy, but the lyrics go something like this:

“I can't see, I can't see, I'm going blind. I can't see, I can't see, I'm going blind.”

Have we reached that stage with the media re: this quarterback race at Georgia? Is this thing really that difficult to see right now?

Isn’t it pretty obvious that Brice Ramsey is the best signal caller at Georgia? Am I, like Korn, going blind?

Has Lionel Richie’s girlfriend from the “Hello” video taken over as a football analyst at some media outlets? I mean, sure, she’s an attractive early-1980s video vixen. But is she aware Lionel Richie is stalking her, and are we really going to act like that giant mount of clay is supposed to look like him?

Likewise, when are we going to end this charade in the media that the quarterback job at Georgia is “wide open”? There’s an obvious starter in this bunch - Brice Ramsey. That he’s the obvious starter takes nothing away from Faton Bauta in particular or Jacob Park.

Park, who is a redshirt freshman and should be the No. 3 quarterback - is the No. 3 quarterback. He hardly embarrassed himself on Saturday. I thought Park showed exactly the things I have heard in back channels about him - he’s got a great arm; he rolls out of the pocket well; he’s a little inconsistent with throws; and he’s just young.

Bauta, the oldest of the quarterback group, took the steadiest approach. He took what the defense gave him. But he didn’t challenge them down the field often after a back-shoulder throw near the start of the game. I love the way he stepped up in the pocket with both hands on the ball. He showed great foot movement a few times in those situations. But on his lone touchdown - a 25-yard pass to Reggie Davis - he would have been absolutely murdered had a defender not obviously pulled up.

If I were Brian Schottenheimer, Mark Richt and the Georgia faithful, I would be pretty optimistic about what I saw Saturday. Ramsey made one dumb throw deep down the field on third down that was broken up by the receiver. I’ve seen Aaron Murray make much worse decisions four years into his career at Georgia. Jacob Park’s interception was a ball that got away from him. Yes, he likely forced it, but that’s hardly a crime in a scrimmage. Bauta was probably the most conservative - and his stats showed that.

All three can win games for Georgia. All three have their strengths. But this isn’t difficult to see unless you don’t want to see it (or you are trying to sell newspapers) - Ramsey is the guy. He’s the only one that can get them to Atlanta and beyond.

It’s that simple - no matter your eyesight.

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