John Theus: On the Record

ATHENS - John Theus speaks with media following Tuesday's spring football practice.

Q: Is it hard to practice the week after G Day?

A: It’s definitely a gut check as a man because you’ve got to find the motivation to get better every day and the ones who want to get better – you see it. It’s after G Day so before that G Day you’re trying to work up to it and after you’re just kind of…uh. You’ve definitely got to set some personal goals and you’ve got to get out there and get better.

Q: Does it make G Day any less climactic?

A: A little bit. There’s always kind of a little bit of excitement to get that break before exams, but now you know you have another week of ball, but it’s a time to get better and a time to learn. We did a lot of review and stuff today.

Q: Does that make the coaches work harder to press the point?

A: Yeah, there was a little bit more yelling today than normal. I think we had a good practice and Coach Sale told us after practice that he was probably yelling a little bit more. He probably knew he was going to have to get some of the guys going more than normal with it being after G Day. Some guys aren’t used to it and some guys don’t understand it, but it’s a day to get out there and get better. I think the guys attacked it well today and we definitely took advantage of today.

Q: How different will this summer be for you?

A: It’s probably going to be a lot different because of the new strength staff. I really don’t know what to expect going into the summer - what the schedule will be like or what kind of workouts and runs we’re going to have. In the past we’ve had kind of an idea going in because we’ve had the same strength staff, but with a new strength staff it’s going to be a little bit different.

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